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What is best backpack for commuting to work or other places?

I need a pack that can fit my 15" laptop as well as a few pairs of clothes comfortably. I have looked at a few different kind of packs but none have been the one. Which is your favorite and why?
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    The Everyday Backpack, Tote, and Sling

    Versatile & beautiful bags based on the Everyday Messenger

    Joseph BrueggenProduct & Visual Designer · Written
    I've had the Everyday Backpack for a little over a year, and it's proven to be an incredible product. Extremely durable, spacious, versatile... beautifully and cleverly designed. In the past year, it's been mountain hiking, kayaking, through a couple conferences, and through quite a lot of travel. It still looks and works like brand new. This is a top-notch series of bags.
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    NOMATIC Backpack

    The most functional backpack and travel pack ever

    Looks great and has all the functionalities of a modern day backpack. Plus the support team is amazing!
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    Trevin ChowChief Product Officer @ Sketchy · Written
    I literally just got this bag a few weeks ago and use it daily for commuting (which is a walk + bus). So far I love the bag and highly recommend it! It’s a lower profile bag, so it’s comfortable to wear even if you have a heavier load. However since it’s lower profile, there’s far less room in it than other larger bag options on the market. One neat trick it does have is a zipper around the perimeter which allows you to expand it and give you more volume/space when you need it.
  3. AleksandraProduct Marketing · Written
    I love Everlane's backpacks. I have one for everyday commute and travels (and I travel a lot). Very light, durable, amazing fabric. Have been using it for 2 years, and I'm not going to change it for anything else.
    Dee MiraiBroadcast Philosopher @ Cialfo · Written
    Seconded. I have the twill snap and it withstands a LOT of abuse (and overpacking).
  4. Alexandra CoteSaaS Content Consultant and Marketer · Written
    Yes, that's their name.
    Linda L JohannessenEntrepreneur & business developer · Written
    Have one, love it!
  5. Hands down the best backpack for a person who wants a bag with lots of room, packs gyms clothes, shoes, laptop while looking sleek. I've had this back for years and it hasn't disappointed. I've even used it for day trips or short weekend trips. Can't recommend enough!
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  6. Lim Chee AunProduct Engineer · Written
    Been using the Invisible One Mini and liking it so far.
  7. Neil McBeanCEO, Designer, Product Lead · Written
    They make nice backpacks and bags. I'm from Vancouver, so maybe I'm biased, but I've had one of their packs for ages and it's still holding up. Might pass it down to my son one day.
    FanniOnline Marketing · Written
    I'm also using a Herschel bag and I'm so satisfied with it! Big enough, comfortable and stylish. All I need for a day or a shorter trip fits in well.
  8. I've heard from a few sources that this is a pretty good travel pack for the price. Ya know, if you don't mind risking your credit card's security while buying it! 😉
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  9. I'm the proud owner of a Qwstion Daypack and I've been using it every single day for the past few years. Your $1500 MacBook is safe from the rainy weather and it's large enough to store many more items. Most of all, the material is very durable! Worth every dollar!
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  10. Kevin FerretProduct Manager, AgilOne · Written
    I have been using this one for a bit less than a year. Great quality, great water-resistance which is great if you bike on your commute, great capacity (~30L) with an expandable compartment, great deal of pockets for organizing stuff inside, and a bunch of other smart features (oh, and super padded for both your laptop & your back). I use it for everything from regular commuting bag to week-ender.
  11. Frequently, I carry all my gear in a backpack. I spent ages trying to find the right backpack that was the perfect mix of looking good, being durable, and having all the pockets I needed for my stuff. About a year ago I bought a Cocoon Grid-it Organiser and since then, as long as the backpack has a laptop sleeve, everything else is taken care of so my laptop bag looks more like a casual backpack as I'm commuting around the city.
  12. James McKinvenHost of Indie Bites Podcast · Written
    One of the best value backpacks I have ever tried. For the price, I am not sure there is anything better. Has all the sections I need, the build quality is great & you can fit up to a 17" laptop in the laptop section.
  13. Oren ReuveniCo-founder and CTO of Lance · Written
    Amazing backpack. Durable, flexible, and stylish.
  14. Not to small and not to big. Easy to cary on your back, or with your hand. Nothing fancy, but functional.
  15. Kevin SuttleSenior Software Engineer at @Webflow · Written
    Why? It's smaller, but for a reason. It fits perfectly (I'm a large human), and I know exactly where everything is inside it. Nowhere for things to get lost. Plus, it looks great.
  16. Want a great bag to carry your laptop in? Want people to know you lift? Fed up of trying to get that you lift or do Crossfit into conversations? Now, you don't have to. This bag has a place to put your Lifting Belt on the OUTSIDE. What is the point of lifting if people don't know you lift. You can carry your laptop and show you lift. WHAT!. I have been on the waiting list for ever and want this so hard. Of course, there is a small window to own this revolutionary new bag before everyone gets one and then you look like a twat. That's also the downside.
  17. Mark ColganB2B SaaS Marketer - Marketing Automation · Written
    For me, it has to be the ICON backpack. I've used it for over two years working from coffee shop to coffee shop. It's compact, lots of compartments and a great design quality. It comes in at $200 but worth it if it is pretty much your 'office'. Plus - there is a mutual nod when you meet someone else with the same bag - happened to me in a pub.
  18. Casey Fulgenzi🛠️12 Projects in 12 Months · Written
    Slim. Can fit a 15 inch laptop, but perfect for a 13 inch Macbook. Has a hard pocket at the top for glasses or other items. Really, I just like it for how slim and nice it looks.
  19. Denny ChandlerSoftware Engineer, H&H Color Lab · Written
    In pack solar charger (can charge a phone 6 times off a full battery), anti-theft cable lock, separated personal and business pockets, included rain cover