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What tool do you recommend for crowdsourcing ideas, that also acts as a help centre/knowledge base?

Hello! We have a very specific idea and I spend almost a week to find a proper solution but could not find the right one:( And writing here to ask for your help! Problem statement: we like to develop our product together with customers, so we like to have a special place where all customers can submit tickets for our MVP version, then we can prioritise them and move to production roadmap. So it is some kind of external ideas crowdsourcing. Visually we see it as a very simple public Jira board (but with much more user-friendly design). At the same place we want to have a Knowledge base with QA and ability to ask new questions. Requirements: less than 20$ a month, with decent customisable design. What I tried and my resolution - Aha(!) - no Knowledge base, but with Idea boar, however design of the board from 90s:(, Zendesk - to expensive for us, and we will use only maybe 20 % of all functionality, just waste of money, but design and functionality more or less ok for us, Fresh desk - same as Zen but visually much worse. Any ideas how we can approach the problem? Than you very much in advance, I am really desperate( Lena
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    A better way for teams to manage & share files, links & more

    Katarina Wajda
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    Shelf could be what you're looking for - it allows for different types of access/permissions and commenting. There are a bunch of features in development as well.