Bernardo de Castro
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What are the best tools to feature introduction and step-by-step guide

I need to introduce a new feature to users. I would like a quality one. Free or paid
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    Interactive onboarding and engagement platform

    Anna Wu
    Anna WuFounder @ Flight Deals Hound · Written
    I have used only it in development mode and fairly easy to install and they have a free tier. Here is also a long list of tools you can check out:
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    • Bridgette M Towson
      Bridgette M TowsonProduct Manager

      I've used WalkMe at my last company and am now using it at my current company. I was originally introduced to WalkMe by our training team but quickly saw it's value as a product manager. I use WalkMe to visually see my customer's sessions, send NPS and identify the differences between my promoters and detractors so I can build solutions to improve my customer experience. It's also super helpful for other teams to build small solutions that they request from dev so my team can stay focussed on the core and their teams are satisfied with the quick solutions.

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    Appunfold 2.0

    User on-boarding & self help for mobile apps

    sudhakarFounder, Appunfold · Written
    sudhakar made this product
    If you are looking for a solution for Mobile apps(Android or iOS), then give a try. We are the only platform to do it seamlessly for native mobile apps. We support InApp guides with contextual help with walkthroughs, overlays, screen tours & helpcenter.
    • Jitesh Dugar
      Jitesh DugarIndie Hacker

      Without developer's much effort, we can integrate this plug and play SDK from Appunfold and it is very useful in creating personalized onboarding.