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Hunter BryantStudent @ USC Iovine-Young Academy

What's the best free SQL client for Mac?

Looking for an alternative to phpMyAdmin or MySQL Workbench
10 recommended
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    Sequel Pro
    Louis de VaumasAutomation specialist ยท Edited
    Without any hesitation: Sequel Pro. I've been using it for years and really happy with it.
    Sequel Pro: I've been using this a bit and so far so good. It supports multiple open connections, but only one SQL editor per connection. You can open a SQL file into the editor but then it doesn't clearly display what file you have open which is annoying. Otherwise it seems solid. MySQL workbench: MySQL workbench (for architecting) and Navicat for MySQL (for storing & scheduling common queries and report generation) are both great with enough differences to warrant mentioning both.
    Way better and very stable product.
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    Collaborative SQL editor to write, run, and share queries

    Bastien LibersaHead of Engineering @Hunter ยท Written
    Makes it easy to collaborate around queries and results.
    MaxxStartup expansion. Instacart | Chariot ยท Written
    definitely popsql
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    Successor to PG Commander

    One of the best Mac apps out there. The design is beautiful!
    Mike CoutermarshEngineer @ PlanetScale ยท Written
    Definitely, if using postgres. This is the best. For mysql - I love Sequel Pro.
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    Easily edit database data and structure

    Riyadh Al NurSenior Software Engineer @ AirAsia ยท Edited
    The UI is great and easy to work with. Also worth mentioning is it's very fast.
    Tung ThanhVietpiczzle ยท Written
    It's the best for relational database, native build, lightning fast and very handy query editor
  5. 7
    Arun AugustineCo-founder at Corner ยท Written
    Pros: Looks great, supports all major Database connectors, has visual schema viewer Cons: pricey Not too sure how this product is different from their DB plugin that is available on Intellij IDEA or other products
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    Team SQL
    Minal kewatiOS App Developer ยท Written
    Hi Brayant! I suggest you to take a look at TeamSQL, a multi-platform SQL Client for Mac, Windows and Linux. Its super easy to use. Its Multi - Platform Data Client Simple, Effortless, Extensible. Feature: Autocomplete,Executed Query History ( Global & Query based like Git ), Encryption (store your data encrypted using AES-256 ), Color Coding - each database connection has different color,Saved Queries, Folder Structure based in Cloud,Best Database Table Design Editor ever,
    KeremDeveloper ยท Written
    history, autocomplete features, extensions
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    Anna WuFounder @ Flight Deals Hound ยท Written
    Some recommendations are for MySQL, this is a great tool to run those postgres queries to pull those redshift data that your marketing/finance (insert department) team really really need today :)
    Winston HoyEndlessly curious ยท Written
    Yeah, this is more or less the same UI as Sequel Pro, but for Postgres.
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    Most simple client