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What's the best Quicken alternative for Mac?

I've used Quicken on PC for a long time, but am planning to switch my home machine to an iMac. Quicken for Mac doesn't get too much love. Have you used any software (Mac or online) with good design and running account totals? Bonus points for three things–(1) allow me to manually enter transactions and reconcile with bank statements (2) ability to link the accounts in a transfer (3) ability to split a transfer into several categories (e.g., salary check).
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  1. Elijah AddamsProject Manager, Moneyspire · Written
    Very user friendly and powerful personal finance software for Mac and Windows
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  2. I use it for myself. It has a very clean and simple interface and has a companion iPhone app so I can update things on the go.
  3. MacHow2Dedicated to all things Apple Mac. · Written
    A good article on the best alternatives.
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