What is the best time tracking software?

What software do you use for time tracking?
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    insanely simple free time tracking

    Benjamin Powell
    Benjamin PowellProduct manager & Co-Founder · Written
    We use that for basic time keepingnin house, good pricing and easy to use. Keep and eye out for zei as well, recent kickstarter that has a really good physical elemwnt to it. A little pricey though.
    Nikola Novakovic
    Nikola NovakovicStartups and software engineering <3 · Written
    I am a relatively new user of Toggle, but it has been a neat little tool to track all sorts of activities. I use it to track time on a couple of different projects and I did not need any of the fancy payed features, so free version serves me well. Highly recommended!
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    Analytics on your daily habits and productivity

    Mike Coutermarsh
    Mike CoutermarshEngineer @ PlanetScale · Written
    RescueTime is my favorite. Works great for giving you insight into where your time has gone. How much is really spent on Facebook vs doing work. I like "distraction free" mode and the chrome extension makes it easy to see how "good" you have been. I find its a good reminder to keep focused.
    Tom Bielecki
    Tom BieleckiCofounder, PrintToPeer · Written
    If you're interested in Quantified Self, RescueTime integrates with Gyroscope to give you a view into your productive/unproductive time. Only downside is that iOS is not supported.
    Kevin Siskar
    Kevin SiskarHost of the Ambition Today podcast. · Written
    Big fan of Rescue time. I use it in combination with Escape from the focuslist team
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    Hubstaff Tasks

    Agile project management to boost your team’s collaboration

    Michal Hantl
    Michal HantlRuby on Rails developer · Edited
    Great suggestions here, go with Hubstaff if you need these: - Activity reports - Integrations with project management and other 3rd party tools (like Github, Trello, Paypal, Zendesk and more) - Automatic payroll via payment Paypal, Payoneer etc. - if you have people working off site (and need GPS tracking)
    Madhav Bhandari
    Madhav BhandariFounder at Remote Marketing · Written
    I'll definitely vouch for it. The app is truly cross-platform - they've got apps for mac, windows, linux, android, ios & even a chrome extension. With their recent updates, I can also see how much money was spent on each task (calculated based on no. of hours spent x hourly rate) which is pretty cool.
    We're using Hubstaff at EpicCoders since 2011. Its reporting tools, automatic payrolls and the native apps for all the platforms are what makes it stand out from the rest of time tracking apps we tried.
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    Futuramo Icons

    More than 46,000 vector icons for different OS

    Magda Werminska
    Magda WerminskaWorking @ HCM Deck · Written
    Futuramo Time Tracker is a time tracking and productivity app that works great for both individuals and larger teams. It offers fine statistics to help you analyze and monitor your work habits. Some key features: real-time filters, search box, sorting, trackers and manual time recording, offline tracking, overview board, custom timesheet view, and more. Also good for managing multiple client projects thanks to the rich set of features for project management.
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    Automatic time tracking made easy

    Ola Rybacka
    Ola RybackaContent freak, full-time otaku · Written
    It's packed with automatic time tracking software and features like invoicing, reporting, budgeting, billable time, collaboration and many more!
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    Weekly Timelog

    Automatic time tracker for developers

    Sebastian made this product
    TimeLog is a super great tool. It is the only tool I have been able to find that ties together time tracking, invoicing, analytics, salary, project management. Invaluable if you are in the engineering or consulting business.
    With TimeLog, I can have my project, resource and invoicing overview in the same system. Good luck on finding another software that do that.
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    actiTIMEactiTIME timesheet software · Written
    Check out actiTIME timesheet software, it's free to try https://www.actitime.com/
    I like the mobile
    actiTIME helps us record time spent on projects and bill our clients. The best timsheet software I have been using.
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    Simple Online Time Tracking Software

    Harvest is simple and inexpensive.
    tampajohnCo-founder & Co-CTO of Perks · Written
    I've used harvest at 2 different companies, super easy to integrate into task management solutions (asana/jira/trello have integrations baked in).
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    Invoicing, Expenses, Time Tracking, Contracts & Payments

    Leif Abraham
    Leif AbrahamCo-CEO Public.com, Co-founder AND.CO · Written
    Leif Abraham made this product
    AND CO lets you track your time via the mobile apps, the Mac app and the Web app.
    Mario 🦊
    Mario 🦊Building at generalist.com · Written
    Perfect integration with other aspects of the freelance stack (invoices, expensing, projects)
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    Revolutionary time tracking device

    Judith Ratajczak
    Judith RatajczakOnline Marketing Manager at TimeTac GmbH · Written
    You can use use ZEI with TimeTac - simple, fast and easy web based time tracking software for every company size and industry.
    Benjamin Powell
    Benjamin PowellProduct manager & Co-Founder · Written
    Ive not used it yet, but their interface is very exciting
    Alfred Beckman
    Alfred BeckmanSenior Product Designer at Instabridge · Written
    Having a physical thing to flip over to track time just makes it a tad more fun :)
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    Timely for Apple Watch

    Scheduling and time tracking, right on your wrist

    haabeDeveloper @ Snopp Designbyrå · Written
    Integrates with Google Calendar, Office 365, Moves, and its own tracker (Memory). And has it's own API, so you can create your own apps to communicate with it.
    Automatically measures your time and has great integrations.
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    Automatic productivity & time tracking for macOS

    Jamie Lawrence
    Jamie Lawrence💻 📈 🏊 🇮🇪 🐠 🐈 · Written
    Although I also use RescueTime I've become quite partial to Qbserve. It's a local app and has a similar functionality to RescueTime but without some of the advanced reporting. It does however, give me some immediate reminder of when I'm being unproductive by changing the dock icon.
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    Time Tracking, Scheduling, Budgeting & Expenses

    Mike Kulakov
    Mike KulakovFounder at Everhour · Written
    Mike Kulakov made this product
    One of the best time tracking tools, especially if you need to integrate it with your project management app, such as Asana, Trello, Basecamp, GitHub or Jira. I bet there is no better alternative.
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    Contracts, invoices, and expenses for digital freelancers

    I used Bonsai's in-app time tracking as well as the tracker they built for Mac OS, it gets the job done and you can export your time into invoices easily.
    Kian Lavi
    Kian LaviInteraction Designer @ 🔑 · Written
    Bonsai recently added really simple time tracking that integrates directly with their invoice system. I've tested a lot of the team's features, and this has been the most useful thus far! No more manually logging my hours in a spreadsheet.
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    Automatic time tracking for your Mac

    Alex Ledak
    Alex LedakWeb & mobile dev · Written
    Only for macOS, but works great.
    Hi, Daniel, the maker of Timing here. Thanks for the recommendation! By the way, I'm currently working on a brand-new version, launching next month. You can sign up for the beta at https://beta.timingapp.com. That version has been built from the start for the needs of freelancers and small agencies, with a ton of new reporting features and optional start/stop timers if you need them.
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    Time Off Calendar

    Accurate and simple PTO calendar

    Maybe the simpliest time tracker I ever used. Totally recommended for your freelance projects.
    Katya Sklyarova
    Katya SklyarovaMarketing Manager · Written
    I really like this app, nowadays TMetric is one of the best time tracking tools. I would like to highlight its functions like the visualized timeline and flexible reports. TMetric can give all the detailed information about your activity.
    Cool tool!
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    Track time for your projects, without feeling like work

    Emanuele Ricci
    Emanuele RicciI get excited about bleeding edge tech · Written
    Italian startup with a lot of external integrations. Their product comes from a specific internal need to track their webagency time spent on projects.
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    Tyme 2

    Time tracking made easy.

    Brandon Bayer
    Brandon BayerCreator of Blitz.js | CEO Flightcontrol · Written
    Tyme is amazing because it's very simple and focuses on time tracking versus all the billing, projects, etc. It has just the needed basics for tracking time by different projects and no more. The UI is so much better than most other time tracking apps. I'm a happy paying customer!
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    Confluence 2.0

    An open and shared team workspace

    Sunil Neurgaonkar
    Sunil NeurgaonkarMarketing @ GTM Buddy (We're hiring) · Written
    JIRA is way costly but worth it. It has many many customizations and can be used in a wide variety of ways. This is the #1 tool for Agile teams.
    Tkachenko Arthur ~UA~
    Tkachenko Arthur ~UA~Building code for Food Tech projects · Written
    Because this is inside the Atlassian product universe. If you're developer, who track tasks in JIRA - you log your time in JIRA too.
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    Friendly online time tracking software your team will love

    Bill Vieux
    Bill Vieux👊 tech / social media / marketing · Written
    Freckle is super easy to use, has Mac/iOS apps, and nice reporting for us to manage clients & activities.