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What are some of the most beautifully designed OS X/macOS menubar apps?

I am looking for menubar apps that look really slick and have nice UI/UX.
5 recommended
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    Fantastical 2 for Mac

    The calendar app you won't be able to live without

    TonMac'aholic ยท Written
    Fantastical is beautifully designed. It's a general macOS app too, but the menubar app is sublime.
  2. 2
    iMazing Mini

    Back up your devices automatically, wirelessly & privately

    TonMac'aholic ยท Written
    iMazing Mini is the backup component of iMazing, and it's very well designed. Has a nice UI. It knows everything about your iDevice and puts it to good use. An excellent Mac menubar tool.
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    Things 3.0

    Complete revamp of the original, award-winning task manager

    Lachlan CampbellNYU โ€˜23โ€”Hack Club/Design+JSโ€”they/them ๐ŸŒˆ ยท Written
    Things 3 won an Apple Design Award this year and it's well-deserved. The layout, typography, and interactions are just spectacular. ๐ŸŒŸ
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    Book an Uber from your Mac's menu bar, fast and simple

    This looks kinda nice.
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    Timing 2

    Automatic time and productivity tracking for Mac.

    Daniel Alm made this product
    The best UI is "no UI". Timing tracks your time without you having to enter anything. It simply records automatically which apps, documents and websites you use. And the main app has been redesigned from scratch recently, too - with a great new design. Check it out!