What's the best tool for keywords rank tracking?

Must have: daily updates, charts, simple UX, monthly search volume.
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    Count and analyze backlinks to a domain

    Dmitry Dragilev
    Dmitry DragilevFounder @ JustReachOut.io · Written
    I use ahrefs for monitoring keywords, they have a real nice email notification feature.
    • Great tool. It's something that can change your rankings in Google dramatically - if you use it right! Luckily, they have in-depth guides.

    • Matt Pliszka
      Matt Pliszkaresearching SaaS software @ pickSaaS.com

      Great app for ongoing monitoring of your website's positioning / SEO ranking. Easy to use, even to those not very familiar with SEO.

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    SE Ranking

    Сloud-based SEO platform for marketers & digital agencies.

    Kristina Zagorulko
    Kristina ZagorulkoPR at StopAd, app explorer · Edited
    That's really powerful tool for 100% accurate keyword rank tracking. You can monitor your rankings: - on mobile and desktop devices - in the popular SEs - Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex - results could be detailed up to zip-code! Great for Local SEO. - you can monitor the exact URL rankings - Youtube rankings And it's quite cheaper than the other tools. Here's the SEJ post I've read about it.
    • Ryan Faucher
      Ryan FaucherOwner at Precise Online Management

      The level of detail you can gather from this tool is amazing. You can research a competitors' online presence and get data such as their backlink profile, organic keyword visibility, most popular keywords they rank for, etc. All of this is just focusing on your competitors.

      For your own target website, keywords can be grouped together and positions checked with the click of a button. I like that in addition to Google, you can check Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex positions. You can also specify a region for Google or how mobile rankings are affected (if at all).

      The cost vs the value of SE Ranking is the best that I've discovered thus far is the best i've seen for an SEO tool.

    • Matt Pliszka
      Matt Pliszkaresearching SaaS software @ pickSaaS.com

      Really like it for being one of the most user-friendly SEO platforms for beginners.

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    SEO tool for tracking keyword positions in Google SERP.

    SERPWatcher is a new kid on the block by Mangools who are well-known for KWFinder. It’s very reasonably priced, you get 3 tools in one package with great interface, aggregated metrics, online reports, etc.
  4. That tool is actually pretty powerful. Sort of en enhance Google keyword tool
  5. See everythinh that's importing for youre links
  6. Ayrton De Craene
    Ayrton De Craene18Code @ Clearbit · Written
    SEMrush can be used for research of keywords, not tracking.
  7. Instantly see with keywords are ranking. FREE tool