Anton Sten

What's the best app/service for creating an e-book?

I am looking for an easy way to create e-books online. Decent control over visuals (images, fonts) as well as great exporting options.
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    Writing made easy

    This is a very simple yet complete collaboration / publishing writing tool. For advanced diagramming we use Adobe InDesign.
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    Ayowale Obineye
    Ayowale ObineyeCountry Director, AIESEC · Written
    Simple and easy to use for effectiveness
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    Create a beautiful ebook from blog posts in seconds

    Sam Rye
    Sam RyePractitioner of Social & Enviro Regen · Written
    If your content is on WordPress, Beacon is a pretty nifty tool which converts your posts into ebook format (pdf downloads, anyway).
    Deepika Singh
    Deepika SinghMarketing lady at work · Written
    A friend uses this tool regularly and swears by it. I've seen the final PDF's too and it comes across very nice !!
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    Lean Pub

    Publish Early, Publish Often

    saravananFounder of alertfor and taskbloom · Written
    I've used it. this is a publishing platform.
    bought many books from this publisher
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    Google Doc Publisher

    Make Google Docs good-looking in two clicks

    Dominik Kugelmann
    Dominik KugelmannGet Patronum free w/ Workspace from 22d! · Written
    This seems like a great tool if you do not plan to monetize your e-book and just use it to collect leads.
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    Launch a preorders campaign for your book

    Sam Rye
    Sam RyePractitioner of Social & Enviro Regen · Written
    I've been looking into best platforms for pre-orders, and I quite like the look of this one.
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    All-in-one web design platform

    brryantco-founder, webflow · Written
    brryant made this product
    We use Webflow for all of our ebooks: which combined with the Webflow CMS, gives us a powerful way to publish not just one, but a collection of different ebooks. We'll soon release a cloneable version you can start using for your next ebook, but here's a sneak preview of what it looks like in the designer:
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    Amazingly simple graphic design

    thomas ross
    thomas rossStartup analyser and investor · Written
    Assuming you’re good on the writing and wanting to dive into the technical details, I think the best and easiest way to create an eBook is with Canva. Canva is a graphic design tool that offers free and premium templates you can use to create your eBook, from cover to inside page design.
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    Google Doc Publisher

    Make Google Docs good-looking in two clicks

    Jenny Smith
    Jenny SmithWeeTech Solution Pvt Ltd · Written
    Google Docs Publisher allows you to publish google docs content to the web simply & elegantly.
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    Paolo Albert
    Paolo AlbertFounder and CTO, PubCoder · Written
    It allows full control over content, with great interactive features. Disclosure: I am one of the Founders
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    Where authors work with top editors, designers and marketers

    Justin Jackson
    Justin JacksonCo-founder of · Written
    Reedsy is the "Medium of ebook publishing." The PDF output in particular is excellent, but it also has the best ePub export I've found. This video describes how to convert it to Mobi.
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    Frictionless self-publishing

    Alex Bush
    Alex BushAuthor of · Written
    If you're into pure markdown support this is the best bet for you. It's a too part product - one is a ruby gem that creates a beautiful e-book (pdf, mobi, epub) from your markdown, and another one is an optional service to distribute it. I used it for my book and I'm very happy with the results!
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    Visme 3.0

    Create stunning slides, infographics & designs in minutes.

    Payman Taei
    Payman TaeiFounder, Visme · Written
    Payman Taei made this product
    You can create as Presentation when you create the Ebook; and each slide will be in essence a page. If you want it to be online ebook; then you can add all interactivity you want. Or static so it can be also downloaded as PDF. Visme was used to create our own eBook in this case for infographics. You can check it out here:
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    Liber Writer
    I've not tested the service personally, but I've met and followed the founder online and he's a good one.