Jay MutzafiiOS Developer

What is the best podcast about cryptocurrencies?

I'm looking for a podcast that is both fairly accessible to layman but goes deep into the nitty gritty.
5 recommended
  1. Pavan Sethibuilding things. · Written
    Without a doubt, the best podcast on anything blockchain and cryptocurrency related. Laura Shin is a great host and she has the top pioneers from the field in all different sectors.
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    I agree 100% - Laura Shin does an excellent job of making sure the technical jargon is broken down for the average listener every single time. This is the most accessible podcast I've found.
  2. Javier CarcellerMake something people can't live without · Written
    Epicenter Bitcoin is a great podcast about blockchain and cryptocurrencies released weekly. At the time of posting the last episode was an extense conversation with Brendan Eich about BAT.
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  3. Thomas Mattimoredesign engineer / product manager · Written
    Tim Ferris and @naval interview Nick Szabo (@NickSzabo4) who was one of the original pioneers of cryptocurrency's and Bitcoin. It is an awesome primer, overview, and history from two of the big thought leaders in the space.
  4. Hi Jay, I liked the movies from Charles Hoskinson. He did TED talks and has multiple movies where for example he explains Cardano (a cryptoframework/currency).
  5. Rosemary O'NeillSerial Entrepreneur, Community Expert · Written
    Accessible, check. Humorous, check. Deep-dive when it's warranted, check. Joel Comm and Travis "Teedubya" Wright have hit on the best possible mix of nerdy and entertaining when it comes to the cryptocurrency world. One of my favorite podcasts.