Nicolas NemniSoftware Product Manager

What is your favourite tool to trade Stocks online?

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  1. Graham Campbell🚀 new ventures, faster · Written
    If by online, Nicolas you're including mobile apps, Robinhood has a pretty darn sweet iOS app for buying public stocks without fees every time you buy/sell a security. I use it on the steady reg. I used to use Loyal3 online, and the advantage there was being able to buy fractional shares of the likes of Alphabet & Amazon, which each otherwise cost $900+ per share. But Loyal3 is changing a bit. Hope this helps Nicolas!
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    The world's first gift card of stock.

    Graham Campbell🚀 new ventures, faster · Written
    I recently signed up for Stockpile also, as they are marketing themselves as a fractional share trading platform alternative to Loyal3. Looks pretty cool so far. I'll let you know how it goes.
  3. WillCEO @quin___. Prev @Quovo acq. by @Plaid · Written
    I'd highly recommend stash!