What's the best tool to collect user feedback?

I want a way to collect & organize user feedback
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    Taskade 2.0

    Team tasks, notes, and chat, in one unified workspace. πŸ§ βœοΈβœ…

    Roger LuProduct Manager at TripAdvisor Β· Written
    We just created a workspace to create documents and task lists for user interviews and feedback, organized by week or month. You can easily organize and share with your team by adding them to the workspace. This is not our main use case for Taskade but it works well for collecting user and customer feedback.
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    productboard 2.0

    The product management system for makers who care

    Winston19Make excellent products w/ @productboard Β· Written
    Winston made this product
    productboard helps you consolidate user feedback from a variety of sources: Intercom, Zendesk, email, and hundreds of other apps via Zapier. Customer-facing colleagues on support, sales, and marketing can submit feedback on-the-fly via a Chrome extension. It's also easy to import feedback from spreadsheets and CSVs. And now, you can share a public-facing Portal with users to validate your most promising feature ideas with upvotes, and collect new ones. Here's the best part: productboard is designed to help product teams take action on all this feedback. Put it to use when prioritizing what to build next, designing features, and creating marketing collateral that speaks in the same language as users do. It's the solution of choice at renowned product organizations like Invision, Zendesk, and Envoy.
    Jeroen Corthout β˜•7Co-Founder Salesflare Β· Written
    Awesome product! Beautiful and easy to use. Love it. Had coffee with the founder recently too: https://blog.salesflare.com/hube...
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    Typeform makes asking questions easy, human & beautiful

    Keri ByrneProduct Evangelist Β· Written
    Typeform is great for feedback from users. We use Zapier to push Typeform responses into Salesflare to keep things organized. Inspiration here: https://blog.salesflare.com/8-wa...
    Jack Dweck20Product Manager at Rakuten Β· Written
    We use Typeform to collect all sorts of feedback from users. The forms are really easy to set up and maintain, and exporting results is a breeze.
    David WestProduct @ Nibble Apps Β· Written
    Big fan of Typeform - for user surveys. So quick regardless of device and their UI is beautifully responsive.
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    The easiest way to collect & manage feedback

    David WestProduct @ Nibble Apps Β· Written
    By far the most intuitive product for REAL feature-based feedback that has popped up recently is Canny. Haven't used it just yet but can't wait to do so in the near future!
    We're using it for Missive, it has been really helpful! See our page : https://missive.canny.io/feature...
    Murali SSr. Manager Digital Marketing Β· Edited
    This is a great tool to collect and manage the feedback in an easy way. This gives a clear road map of what is planned and the items are in progress. See our feedback system page https://feedback.document360.io/...
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    Emojicom πŸ€™

    Collect feedback for your site with emojis

    MarkFrontend developer at Typeform Β· Edited
    Mark made this product
    Emojicom lets you collect feedback in simple and engaging way using different emojis. It also integrates easily with Shopify, Medium, WordPress and more.
    Diego SanchezProduct Manager @Buffer Β· Written
    What I like about Emojicom is that you can ask for feedback quickly in an intuitive manner (Most people already use emojis when communicating via text....There's already an emerging body of research about the use of emojis in human conversations).
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    Feedback emoji and reactions tool

    Federico Schiano di PepeCEO at CoContest Inc. Β· Written
    We use Emojics to collect feedback at the speed of light. Really nice product and service, easy to use and our user love it :) (everyone love emoji). We use also other kind of tool but this is the one with the highest conversion rate, we have an average of 30% visits to feedback. They have to kind of widget the floating is perfect to ask feedback about the service or a specific page (home page, thank you page, pricing page) and the inline widget perfect for ask feedback about our blog contents. There are a lot of customizations options, we can choose from a tons of different emoji designs, hide the percentage, change the call to actions. Another interesting thing is their lead generation feature in fact we can ask user contact information after the user click on a specific emoji or instead we can give a coupon code if the user leave us a bad feedback. They have a free package that we used for start but the pro is definitely better and quite cheap.
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    Communicate personally with every single customer.

    Ryan Hoover85Founder, Product Hunt Β· Written
    Intercom is one of my favorite tools. We've used it on Product Hunt for the past few years (it's the little icon bubble you see at the bottom right of the screen) to chat with the community and resolve support issues. You can also program it to prompt specific people at specific moments in time. For example, if a user visits their shopping cart and fails to continue checking out after 10 seconds, you could send an automated message offering help. This type of feedback in the moment, can be very insightful.
    Katerina BoboshkoProduct Manager Β· Written
    I use intercom also and their support team the most cheerful I've ever seen. Sometimes I like to write them only because I know that chat with Intercom will be great.
  8. Niveditha3Product enthusiast Β· Written
    hellonext is a web platform that allows you to collect and organize feedbacks all in one place. It eliminates the problems of repetitive feedbacks and automatically keeps the users who were interested in select features updated about the progress with their feature requests, feedback and bug reports. Hellonext supports public roadmaps and puts your user engagement on automate. It can be easily integrated into your apps, web app, website, etc.
    Varun RajMaker of NorthApp.co Β· Written
    Varun Raj made this product
    I've been using it for North App and it's perfect for me to collect & organize feedbacks.
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    AI powered dashboard with automatic insights from your team

    Hannah White16Marketing Manager Β· Written
    I would try something like Tonkean. To help you plan your workflow for user feedback, you can even outline and build your workflow in the interactive creator. What i'm thinking would work great for this scenario, would be choosing an application to collect feedback. It could be email or a specific feedback collection app. Once you've determined how you're collecting feedback, you can automate the collection and the communication with Tonkean. So, an email is sent to feedback@o'sullivan.com and a track for this feedback is then created in your 'Feedback' workflow. Let's say this feedback is from me, Hannah. Tonkean can create a track for 'Hannah's feedback' and let you know what needs to be fixed. If there's a specific request to be updated or something that might need to be addressed weekly, you can tie in the appropriate business applications and set Tonkean up to automatically make these updates (if they're that simple). If it's something that needs your focused attention, you can set dates and times for milestones in Tonkean and have Tonkean reach out to you via email, Slack or Teams requesting updates so you have a detailed timeline of how the feedback is being addressed. It's a great way, not to just track feedback, but to automate the solution if possible and remind you of the priority level, status and more. It's a game-changer, I promise. https://tonkean.com/rpa/
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    See every click, swipe and scroll on your site.

    Ryan Hoover85Founder, Product Hunt Β· Written
    It's useful to get feedback from people about your product but often more useful to observe how they actually use it. FullStory records a visitor's session so you can see exactly where they moved their mouse, what they clicked, and how they navigated your site. SUUUUPER eye-opening sometimes. 😳
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    Paperform v2

    Make beautiful forms in minutes

    William ChaseSenior Java Software Engineer Β· Written
    IMHO much better than Typeform.
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    Clinton LynchWerkstudent Business Development (w/m/d) Β· Written
    Also a big fan of Paperform. What's important for me is that the forms are easy to customize and thus every single one of my forms looks different.
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    Customer communication app for product marketers

    Ben Lang26Serial hunter πŸ§žβ€β™‚οΈ Β· Written
    Similar offerings to Intercom, fantastic way to communicate with users and constantly get feedback.
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    HotJar Insights

    See how visitors are really using your website.

    Baruch YochaiHelp ponies to be next unicorns!🀘 · Written
    They have a new great feature called FEEDBACK which is embedded to your website
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    Easy and beautiful NPS tracking

    Specific to NPS, but the UI is so email friendly that TONS of customers actually leave feedback and ratings. I absolutely LOVE delighted.
  15. Ashish KumarHakuna Matata Β· Written
    We have a team of field service, sales, audit executives and FeetPort help us to manage all field teams from a single desk and help to improve the productivity of our field team. Now we can get all status updates in real-time and communicate with them on task comments to provide better information to field team and get real-time feedback from the field and customers.
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    Effective roadmap prioritization

    Alexandra PerseaFounder at https://getacute.io Β· Written
    Alexandra Persea made this product
    With Acute you can track, analyse and prioritise all your customer feedback in one organised place.
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    Feedback Emoji

    Capture user feedback with emojis

    Abe StoreyEntrepreneur & Growth Marketer Β· Written
    Abe Storey made this product
    Feedback Emoji is a free, easy to use, non-intrusive way to get feedback from your users!
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    A powerful, award-winning app for media monitoring πŸš€

    Kuba Rogalski39Content Writer at LiveChat Β· Written
    Kuba Rogalski made this product
    You could have a look at some social media monitoring tools providing real-time tracking of different sources online. People tend to share their opinions and give feedback on social media more often than ever these days, and many of those opinions refer to experiences with different brands. Monitoring such discussions will help you keep track of all the relevant mentions, as well as give you an insight into which aspects of your product can be changed or improved for better user experience.
  19. Carlos Gonzalez de VillaumbrosiaFounder of Product School Β· Written
    This is a great tool to collect feedback from users about current or new product features
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    Product feedback made for Intercom

    Kyle ConarroCo-Founder @ Ad Reform / Userfeed Β· Written
    Kyle Conarro made this product
    Built on Intercom, Userfeed is a lightweight tool to log feedback within conversations (and gather directly from users in Intercom's messenger). You can push features to GitHub when it's time to build, and then easily message all interested users directly via Intercom when a feature is shipped. Sign up for a free at https://www.userfeed.io and pay nothing until you see engagement.
    Because it works seamlessly with Intercom.
    Because it works seamlessly with Intercom.