What are some apps you use every day?

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    Be less busy. Real-time messaging, archiving & search.

    Omer Molad
    Omer Molad4Co-founder and CEO @ Vervoe · Written
    A bit more than just daily 🤓
    It can be dizzying to consider how many Slack channels I'm running congruently. But I wouldn't want to communicate any other way.
    Aliveartworks85owner, Aliveartworks85 · Written
    makes it easier to transfer my content and communicate in real time with my colleagues making it more easy to handle my workflow
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    Any song. One tap away.

    Pavan Sethi
    Pavan Sethi19building things. · Written
    Discover Weekly is amazing at recommending music + sharing playlists with friends is super easy.
    Shayn Baron
    Shayn BaronCo-founder of Crocagile · Written
    I love Spotify!
    Yup. Shared playlists rule!
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    Product Hunt 4.0

    Now with Reviews, Badges, Web Links, and more ✨

    Ayush Mittal
    Ayush Mittal28bro @boombro, Founder RefR ✌ · Written
    Maybe AskPH more than PH now.
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    Arun Sathiya
    Arun Sathiya5Happiness Engineer, Automattic · Written
    Because Ask ProductHunt is the new Twitter. ;)
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  4. Ayush Mittal
    Ayush Mittal28bro @boombro, Founder RefR ✌ · Written
    Twitter, every day!
    Taimoor Hussain
    Taimoor HussainDigital Marketing Strategist · Written
    Gotta tweet everyday!
    Twitter is must
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    Medium 2.0

    A new look, app, and features to move thinking forward

    Kesava Mandiga
    Kesava Mandiga15Curious cat. Writer. Explorer. · Written
    Read something. Learn something. Every day. :)
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  6. Tejas Kinger
    Tejas Kinger22SaaS Product Marketing @ Freshworks Inc · Written
    Love this app. I love reading and surfing the internet. I use it to bookmark and store links that I come across through the day and save them to read later, especially when I'm commuting.
    This app has literally changed my life:
    Ilya Azovtsev 💌+🤖=🚀
    Ilya Azovtsev 💌+🤖=🚀6Help sales team close more in less time · Written
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    Organize anything, together

    At we use it for every project and it's awesome.
    I've begun using this even on personal projects where I'm the only team member. It helps me figure out what's next and recognize the progress I've made so far, which is critical when I feel stuck.
    ElieCreator behind CineTrak · Written
    I'm using Trello for managing my Mobile app project and it is a blast to use when it comes to segregating tasks and assigning them to the right members. Also has an awesome Android app making it even better to use while on the go.
  8. Jannik Siebert
    Jannik SiebertFounder of Grasp · Written
    Best password manager out there! Saves a lot of time every day! 🎉
    Benji Debnam
    Benji DebnamDoodler of thoughts · Written
    Because I don't want to remember any of my passwords.
    Les Hall
    Les HallGeneral Factotum, Blaylock Manor. · Written
    Makes me use STRONG passwords. Just wish there was tighter iOS integration.
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    Inbox by Google

    Next generation inbox

    Oskar von Hauske
    Oskar von HauskeDesigner @ Google · Written
  10. 84

    Organize your life. Then go enjoy it.

    Can't live without it. Best app to manage todo list.
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    Niklaus Gerber
    Niklaus GerberI assist with digital innovation · Written
    Best Todo-App.
    Christiam Mendoza
    Christiam Mendozaconsultant - professor - facilitator · Written
    Easy to use and powerful enough. I miss from time-to-time adding comments in the free version (migrated from Wunderlist).
  11. A complete work dzen. No sexy, hot apps. Just old, time-proved apps for work in one place. (a secret to productivity)
  12. 79

    Newly launched Mac OS X integration for password management

    Marian Sträter
    Marian Strätercraving for cool new products · Written
    I don't use LastPass because they are very intransparent and got hacked several times. My favorite is 1Pass
    Carlos Pacheco
    Carlos PachecoCOO and partner at @Trulyinc · Written
    A great way to keep track of all my passwords across all devices and browsers.
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    Jessica L Williams
    Jessica L WilliamsFounder, Tech Biz Gurl, LLC · Written
    I can't remember all of the passwords that I have for these sites so I use this everyday!
  13. Simply... essential
    ahmad al-hemmaly
    ahmad al-hemmalyA procrastinator gamedev. · Written
    It's my main Browser, I even install it on PCs that aren't mine if I know I'm using them for more than a day. (With permission of course.)
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    Sketch 40

    Latest version of the vector drawing tool

    Indispensable tool for designing GUIs.
    Mike Acler
    Mike AclerChief Prototyper, · Written
    Great tool for designing!
    My whole life is there.
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    Clear, effective, mistake-free writing.

    It's integrated into my browsers, and I use the standalone Mac app to check the content that I write (either email, support, blog posts, anything). It catches the simple things and I've been learning a lot from it. I wish it would integrate into other writing apps that I have.
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    Chris Boucher
    Chris BoucherStartup/Crowdfunding Guru, Crypto Addict · Written
    Great tool to correct your English if you write a lot of emails and blog posts for examples ;)
    ahmad al-hemmaly
    ahmad al-hemmalyA procrastinator gamedev. · Written
    I used it and enjoyed it, but it slows my PC so I'm waiting until I get a more powerful computer to use it again.
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    Note taking gets even simpler

    Jenny Chu
    Jenny ChuProduct Manager, Harris Insights · Written
    I have a big habit of writing everything down (not enough RAM in my head) - so this Evernote definitely something I use every day!
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    I love it! The best for my routine.
    Barron Caster
    Barron CasterProduct & Growth @ · Written
    My running to-do list and virtual memory store
  17. Gaurav Agrawal
    Gaurav Agrawal18Coder, Thinker, Curious observer · Written
    Every time I open browser.
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    Get 100+ curated Mac apps in a single subscription.

    Evan Eliott
    Evan EliottVisual designer / Multimedia producer · Written
    If you're looking for a complete list of Mac essentials, it's on Setapp. Great bunch of apps I use every day.
    Denis Dinkevich
    Denis DinkevichTalent Enthusiast | Technology Geek · Written
    Great source! The curated list of exciting Mac apps. Highly recommended!
    I bought a few of the apps already before finding SetApp. I still find Set App to be a great value, and they offer the best apps around, not obscure, B-grade apps that you end p not using. Mainly, this is a great value.
  19. 75

    The project management tool that grows with you

    Eric Ebert
    Eric Ebert3Marketing and PR · Written
    Eric Ebert made this product
    We use Zenkit to build Zenkit. :) A project management suite for teams of all sizes. The productivity tools you need, when you need them.
    Becca An
    Becca AnMarketing Manager, Labelbird · Written
    Best app for daily usage!
    Becca An
    Becca AnMarketing Manager, Labelbird · Written
    Best app for daily usage!
  20. 34
    Things 3.0

    Complete revamp of the original, award-winning task manager

    Tao Freelance Designer · Edited
    Utterly sublime. Things 3 is stunningly effective and, well, off the charts brilliant. GTD Task management on iOS, MacOS that gets thoroughly out of your way. FINALLY. There simply is no friction. Your time is maximized to DO instead of to fuss. Powerful, delightful, wholly advantagious for ease of use, value. Things 3 is truly a masterful tool. It has literally lept into my favorite apps of all time.
    Jonas Gyalokay
    Jonas GyalokayCo-founder @ Airtame · Written
    I would accomplish the completely wrong tasks without Things