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📔Finish reading "Measure What Matters" by John Doerr

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@syswarren Add this book to my list😊 Are you prefer reading in the paper or electronic version?
@nikolay_siabrenko I read everything on Kindle. It's easier for me as it's always with me
@nikolay_siabrenko @syswarren I read pirated pdfs
Hey @syswarren maybe we should start kindle highlight exchange in the book maker space. Like after you finish a reading goal you attach your notes/highlights, to encourage discussion and slowly build out a library :)) Would be amazing
@syswarren I started listening to this on audible. Good so far!
@syswarren @rrhoover You guys read Elad Gil's High Growth Handbook? Keep seeing it in my twitter feed ~~
@syswarren @alarconjb I haven't yet but Elad was kind to ship me a copy.
@syswarren @alarconjb @rrhoover Recommend this on audible. This book, as well as the High Growth Handbook, are awesome because you can read/listen to it in sections, spurts, or non-linearly. Both have great tactical advice with real-world stories sprinkled throughout.