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Hi everyone, I'm co-founder and CEO at Sochat. Really proud of our team's hard work to make this release possible. Hope PH enjoys and happy to answer any questions! EDIT: I just created a group chat for Product Hunt people! Click this link to join automatically in Sochat: EDIT2: We're featured on the front page of the App Store right now!
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@lukensok Nice videos! Congrats on the release. So, for someone who can't turn the sound on at the office: what makes Sochat different/better than entrenched chat apps like Whatsapp/Messenger/Groupme?
@benburns At its core, Sochat tries to integrate the best features from apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, GroupMe, WeChat and others to make a comprehensive messaging experience that's a lot better than anything else out there. We also think a great chat app should be something you can use with anyone you meet, and we've built the product around the concept of making it easy to connect with both old friends and new ones. By and large, people in the United States still don't really use messaging apps and iMessage/SMS dominate. We want to be the first 10x messaging product for the US market that does enough to make people realize what they've been missing. A few feature examples would be: Magic Words that let you send anything from an event invite to a poll to a rock paper scissors challenge Really built out GIF integration you'll find anywhere Self destructing messages People Nearby, which lets you connect or make groups with anybody in the same room or in your area and also lets you find people you've bumped into
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it's really nice to have a full-featured chat app (especially as a non-facebook-user). i'm especially a fan of the "running late" feature, since when I'm running late I rarely want to take the time to type a full message out! is end to end encryption on the roadmap for y'all?
@_tessr Thanks! Yes it is. We already do it in some places (all bluetooth messages are end to end encrypted) and we'll be rolling it out more broadly in the future. Security is definitely something we think is very important. For now, all messages are encrypted and then deleted from the server as soon as they're delivered.
Great to see SoChat on PH. Love the background story and the product.
Just tried it, and it's sleek with impressive polish! You guys took the best of Slack, SnapChat, FB Messenger, Peach, Tinder, WeChat, etc.. and rolled it into one clean, fun package. How are you guys going to get people to use it? (I invited a few friends btw!) One comment on permissions (iOS): I'm not sure just sprinkling the permissions popups are the best practice to get people to give you access to all the stuff SoChat requires. Here's a great write up on asking users for permissions that I hope is of some value: