Teleport Zen

An interactive moving checklist and guide

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Thanks so much for hunting our latest release, @chrismessina! The backstory here is that since starting Teleport we have wanted to solve two sides of the moving equation with software: discovery ("where should I be?") and execution ("how do I get there?"). Since last year, we've been busy with our discovery product, Teleport Cities, and now the time has come to get to actually moving people from A->B. Have to say, I'm just giddy with excitement releasing this next phase! :) As Chris said, moving from city to city is painful. Teleport Zen gives control over the moving process back to you and removes unnecessary stress. You can use it as free software with a pre-populated todo list and an expert guide to manage every step of your move. Should you get stuck on any task, our network of Teleport Scouts and professional service providers are a click away to help you out. In a nutshell, Teleport Zen lets you: * start with a customized, detailed and pre-populated moving task list, for free * edit and organize tasks in the planning stage of your move, during the actual move, and after, when settling in * save your personal notes and research results by attaching them to tasks * track task completion progress towards your move date and other deadlines * request help from a human Teleport Scout in case you get stuck or prefer to delegate any task * quickly contact recommended service providers from a curated list to request a quote or order their products to solve any part of your move Our entire team around the world is standing by to hear your questions and feedback, dear ProductHunt community. Especially if you've recently moved, planning to move soon or have a friend in the process -- please tell us what you think! BR Sten & Team Teleport
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@seikatsu This is great! @enckelli and I will use it for our upcoming Berlin move. Is it possible to invite team members to the checklist?
Thanks, @ehn & @enckelli -- please keep feeding us any comments while at it! Sharing and collaborating on checklists has probably been now #1 feature request since yesterday's release -- so bumping up the priority in the backlog.
Moving can be so stressful, especially when you're talking about an international move. This is yet another great tool from the Teleport crew that will help guide your process and make your move more seamless.
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It’s no secret I’ve got a bit of a love affair going on with the lovely people at Teleport ;) But even if that wasn’t the case, I’d find Zen a pretty cool addition to the Teleport portfolio (Teleportfolio?). It comes at just the right time too; We’re planning our first international move (still within the EU, unless brexit…) for Q4/2016. I think Zen will help us loads with that. I especially like the addition of the “ask a local” and “contact a scout” buttons. One thing I hope will be implemented at some point is that I’d like to be able to share my list with my partner.
@thegrumpygirl Teleportfolio!!! 😻 (I just learned today that besides an internal data science tool called Dataport and a stuffed office unicorn called Telecorn we also have a RESTport module in our codebase -- the name just keeps on giving) Very glad Zen arrived in time for your move, and that the features to request help with any task resonate. And we do have plans for task/checklist sharing on the backlog.
We know that PHers 😻 emoji so as an added bonus, all of Teleport Zen's error messages are accompanied by a few so when 💩 happens, there's a friendly face there to soften the blow. I do hope you never see them, though 😜
Everyone needs this - great product