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Hi everyone! Co-founder and CEO at Sochat here. We released on PH two years ago and had an awesome response from the community -- we're extremely thankful for that support. We've worked tirelessly since then to deliver on the promise of a next-level consumer messaging experience and are now back again to launch Super Groups, something we think is a huge difference-maker. The concept is pretty simple. Build any group chat in Sochat, then branch off as many subgroups as you'd like. It works a lot like Slack, but doesn't require the work to get started. The subgroups stick together inside a Super Group, making it easy to manage notifications and jump between groups you're interested in. On top of that, Sochat is now fully backward compatible with SMS, so you can add anyone to your Super Groups without worrying about getting them on the app first. Super Groups work really well for big groups, friends, family, roommates, club members and, in particular, they work great when you have Super Groups for all of these at once. Talking with hundreds of kids from around the country we learned that big, noisy group chats are almost never a great experience. Happy to answer any questions! Luke
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Love SoChat! Congrats guys :)
Hey @lukensok! Love the idea and the execution seems well designed. I still wonder... the main core value and features is probably everything "outside" of the "super groups". Which makes me wonder, do I have all of my friends in one "organization" type set-up? And if not, how is that laid out?
@as_austin Hi Austin. Outside of your Super Groups, you have a friends list and a chats list, similar to WhatsApp. That list is private to you and not shared with others. Updates for chats, groups, and subgroups you're interested in will go right to that central chat list, though subgroup updates can also be browsed from their Super Group's chat list too. This is a pretty important aspect toward keeping things simple and workable across many groups and Super Groups.