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Jonny Miller
Jonny Miller@jonnym1ller · Cofounder @Maptia
Awesome! We could have used a tool like this back in 2012 before relocating to Morocco... who knows where else we might have ended up ;)
Chris Messina
Chris MessinaHunter@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
This is very cool — a super smart way to decide where to put your startup is to determine where it would be most cost effective (as a function of your burn rate and runway). This tool synthesizes an answer based on a number of different aspects from the overall Teleport dataset.
Sten Tamkivi
Sten TamkiviMaker@seikatsu · VP @MOVE Guides. Teleport, a16z, Skype.
@chrismessina thanks, Chris!
Bruno Pedro
Bruno Pedro@bpedro · API and Product Technologist
Amazing service, @seikatsu! Wondering where you get the rates from.
Ardo Illaste
Ardo IllasteMaker@ardo_i · Data Scientist
Hey @bpedro! Glad you like it. We use various publicly available sources for aggregating salary numbers together with values provided by Teleport Cities users. We fill missing values from a model we built using existing salary data together with several World Bank economic and developmental indicators. Tax numbers are sourced from international accounting firms and national tax agencies.
Roman@romanzadyrako · CEO at Signalayer /
Very-very interesting.
Sten Tamkivi
Sten TamkiviMaker@seikatsu · VP @MOVE Guides. Teleport, a16z, Skype.
Hey all, the makers of this from @TeleportInc are hanging out here, would love to hear your feedback and questions. Especially any founders contemplating your 2016 hiring plans and office locations: is the tool helpful? What else do you wish it did?