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💪Start intermittent fasting again

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@syswarren Join the club 💪🏽what length of fast are you going for? I find 12-14 manageable and 16 pretty tough.
@abadesi I did a 16hours fast (from 9pm to 1pm) for months last year and it was working great. A bit hard the first few days but you get used to it. I'm starting again today (and I'm waiting for 1pm to hit like crazy right now) It really helps me to focus on work in the morning but also helps me drink a lot of water! Why are you doing IF?
@syswarren When you say it was working great what do you mean? I'm doing it to live longer (fasting is good for our cells) and be healthier (I'll eat less, i.e. less crap 🐷)
@abadesi - Better focus on work in the morning while I was fasting - It forced me to hydrate more - It helped clear my skin too - Easier to fall at sleep at night also
@syswarren Yes! It's so true about drinking more water when fasting. I find I sleep better, too. It really has helped me to eat less sugar / bad food, too. My ultimate goal is this but I think I'm some years off.
@abadesi The video is super interesting. Thanks for sharing. It explains really well ketosis, (I'm on a keto diet and have been for quite some time now) and the benefits of fasting. As for the one meal a day, I guess the only thing preventing me to do that is social convention but I'd love to try it. Maybe next time we're in SF together?
@syswarren Are you doing IF daily or aim for a few days a week?
@syswarren Good luck on that 💪 I know nothing about fasting so I am always impressed when I see people who start fasting. Did you use any specific resources when you started ? (I know Kevin Rose built an app for that) Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day so it would be hard for me to remove it 😁
@syswarren How do reconcile IF and having a social life? I found IF very hard to maintain,as most of my social life is built around food 😬
@awandiaye_ I eat between 1pm and 9pm. Enough for me to eat when I'm out.