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👩Dye my hair blonde

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@syswarren 👀 What shade? Inspo pics please! Exciting change I'd love to try one day but scared of what the peroxide will do to the strength of my hair 😬
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@abadesi Hopefully, something like that: I'm worried my hair won't like it, but I'll never know if I don't try so... here I am. I have an appointment on Wednesday.
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@syswarren WOW! I'm too nervous to die my hair.
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@rrhoover I'm very very nervous
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@syswarren Non-tech-related goals are refreshing in this feed ☀️🍹👀
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@syswarren @clementbergantz since I joined here nothing hasn't beaten @iamsooraj's wedding goal.
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@syswarren YOU DID IT!? 📸
@rrhoover I really did! It's like that now
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@syswarren looks great! Maybe you and I get get the same look in 2 years.
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@rrhoover I've gotta double my shoulder workouts then
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