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Raviteja Dodda
Raviteja DoddaMakerHiring@raviteja2007 · CEO, MoEngage Inc.
@kwdinc thanks a bunch for hunting us! We have been working with leading internet companies helping them with mobile app engagement. Today’s growth teams are looking to have a single user profile across mobile apps, web and mobile web, removing data silos. With Push notifications coming to websites and traffic on mobile web more than the desktop web, this channel becomes very powerful to increase typically lower conversion rates on the mobile web. Keeping these in mind, we expanded our 1:1 Personalisation platform to Web & Mobile Web and are launching our Web Offering to Public today with MoEngage Web Push. To celebrate the launch, we have a special offer for all Product Hunters. MoEngage Web Push will be FREE for up to 50K monthly visitors !!! (usually 10k) Here is a preview of how MoEngage Web Push works:
Satya  Ganni
Satya Ganni@gannisk · Entrepreneur, Technologist and Learner
Have been using segmented, personalized push for Mobile at Shopo, they are closing the loop of full life cycle marketing with web push.
Dinesh Kumar Kotha
Dinesh Kumar Kotha@dinesh_kumar_kotha
MoEngage got an awesome product for mobile. We are using it at ConfirmTkt. Push for Web too looks promising. Eagerly waiting to try it out.
Gaurav Konar
Gaurav Konar@gaurav_konar · Co-Founder, SportsCafe.in
We at SportsCafe.in recently integrated the Web Push SDK by MoEngage and it has significantly increased our ability to send targeted notifications to our users. I can push breaking news articles specifically to cricket enthusiasts while send tactical football analysis to users who relate to those. I also have the ability to track drop off points in my website. The best feedback however has been from my dev team who enjoy reaching out to the guys in MoEngage and collaborate in real time to solve bugs and be made aware off newer tools we can use. Looking forward to more interesting features in the near future.
Raviteja Dodda
Raviteja DoddaMakerHiring@raviteja2007 · CEO, MoEngage Inc.
@gaurav_konar thanks Gaurav, this means a lot. We have put Customer Success into the DNA of our company, great to know your feedback.
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell · Makerpad.co
How does this compare to PushCrew and various others in this space?
Raviteja Dodda
Raviteja DoddaMakerHiring@raviteja2007 · CEO, MoEngage Inc.
@bentossell Thanks for your question. I am the Founder & CEO of MoEngage. MoEngage Web Push differentiates from all the current web push providers like Pushcrew in many ways. Here are some important aspects: - 1:1 Personalization with Real-time Triggers - Marketers can trigger notifications in real-time and personalize the web push messaging & deep-links with each user's name, attributes and behavioral data (like product name, category, etc.) - Behavioral segmentation - You can send web push notifications based on individual behavioral actions and their attributes like 'Users who have added products in Women's clothing during the last one week, but haven't made a purchase'. - Conversion analytics - Our platform provides analytics related to conversions (like transactions, article views, etc.) depending upon the conversion goals set, in addition to impressions, clicks.
SANKET MEHTA@sanketmehta7 · Founder @ Stickrs.in
@bentossell you can also check http://stickrs.in a slight different use case.