The User Onboarding Academy 3.0 is our best effort to help you master user onboarding. We rebuilt our most popular asset around the EMBED framework, which follows a 5 lesson course and includes summary videos, homework, and links to further reading.


  • Val Geisler
    Val Geisleremail marketer, CX fixer

    Easy to digest lessons, complex concepts are clearly explained, watch it all at once or take your time!


    you still have to implement everything yourself :/

    Onboarding new users seems simple enough, right? We've all heard about that "a-ha! moment" and we just need to get them there.... but how? Do you know what you need to know to get your new trial users to that point? Or are they going to fizzle out before they even begin?

    If anyone knows user onboarding, it's the Appcues team. This course is a great primer (and even additional resource to take you to the next level) if you're worried about your user onboarding (which you should be). The fact that it's been revamped shows Appcues' continued commitment to their craft.

    Take a moment to stop thinking about your product roadmap and start thinking about your user roadmap. You won't regret investing time into the onboarding experience, and Appcues can help you do just that.

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    Unique and actionable content



    We're stoked at HubSpot to check out your material, Ty. You always put out world-class content about user onboarding. Couldn't be more excited!

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Ty Magnin
Ty MagninMakerHiring@tymagnin · Dir of Product Mktg Content - UiPath
👋Hey ProductHunt! We're super excited to introduce The User Onboarding Academy 3.0. It's our mission to help people make products their users love, and we think that user onboarding is an essential step in that. This asset reflects years of research and learning on the topic of user onboarding that we've had the privilege of gaining through working with our customers and audience-members. 7K+ people have already completed the user onboarding academy, so we're pumped to re-introduce it with our latest learnings that follow the 5-stage EMBED framework. Please send us your feedback and questions. We'd love to hear from you 😸 —Ty
Wes Bush
Wes Bush@wes_bush · I help SaaS 👨‍💼sell, without a sales rep
Excellent job, Ty & Margaret! I just signed up and thought the user onboarding academy was really well done, especially if you want a proven framework to help new users become experts at solving a particular problem with a product. If anyone is on the fence about signing up, I created a short video going through the user onboarding academy here >
Kristen DeCosta
Kristen DeCosta@kristen_decosta · Growth Lead, Churn Buster
Great work Ty and Margaret! Love seeing this resource revamped, such an amazing asset. No one knows onboarding like you guys :) Keep up the good work!
Jimmy Daly
Jimmy DalyHiring@jimmy_daly · marketing @ animalz
This is awesome. No one knows this stuff as well as Appcues. It's awesome that this resource continues to get better and better.
Margaret Kelsey
Margaret KelseyMakerHiring@margaretannk · content margareting
Hey friends! I'm SO pumped to release this today—the team has worked hard to make this the best and most comprehensive resource for learning how to "do" user onboarding. The 5 lessons follow each step of our EMBED framework—establish, map, brainstorm, execute, do it again—making it super simple to know where you're at in your implementation process and where to go next. Check it out today, and let me know what you think/how we can improve it. Can't wait to hear from you. 🙌