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Paul Arterburn
Director of Engineering at Unreasonable
Just switched to this based on glowing reviews for others. We use it for new business and has been working out great so far. I put together a Rapportive Raplet that pulls in Rapportive information right alongside Gmail - it also lets you add new users to Pipedrive if they don't exist. Free & open-source, if anyone is interested in using it: https://pipedrive.herokuapp.com/
Phil Freo
Director of Engineering/Product @ Close
Pipedrive is great if you're managing a small number of deals or really want a high level drag/drop interface for moving deals around statuses. For higher volume sales, or if you're more concerned about efficiency and avoiding manual data entry (calls & emails are tracked automatically), we built Close.io based on limitations we saw in Pipedrive and others: http://close.io/
Jon Lax
Product Design Director Facebook
We use this for new business.
Jack Smith
Previously co-founded Vungle & Shyp
I know loads of teams ( @vungle included) that have used Pipedrive to manage their fundraising process.
Andy Cook
Cofounder - Tettra.co
In my experience, the most painful part of keeping up with using a CRM is the data entry. Pipedrive's data entry is pretty well done and works great for SMBs + startups. The Pipeline view is intuitive as well for moving deals along the pipeline.
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