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You're building a "lean" SaaS start-up; so why are you buying so much software? Outseta is a platform that fully integrates CRM, subscription billing, customer communication, and reporting tools enabling SaaS start-ups to launch leaner with less technical overhead.

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Anne B
  • Anne B
    Anne Bproduct intelligence & side project

    all in one


    a little more knowledge base would be good

    good support very helpful in giving guidance

    Anne B has used this product for one year.


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Geoff Roberts
Geoff RobertsHunterHiring@geoffroberts · Co-founder, Outseta
Hi PH! Geoff Roberts here, Co-founder of Outseta. We started Outseta to simplify the technology decisions that early stage SaaS businesses need to make. We learned through idea validation interviews, consulting engagements, and our own experiences scaling SaaS businesses that early stage SaaS businesses are often bloated with software tools. Ultimately this results in companies buying, integrating, and maintaining a slew of point solutions which represent unnecessary technical overhead and wasted technical Co-founder time. In an industry that has so fully embraced lean start-up principles, why have we completely rejected lean principles when it comes to our software buying decisions? We think there's a better way. Outseta fully integrates... 1. Subscription billing and management tools 2. CRM tools 3. Email marketing tools 4. Help desk and knowledge base tools 5. SaaS metrics and reporting tools You can create an account for free at Outseta.com/get-started/. We would love your feedback and are happy to answer any questions that you might have! Cheers, Geoff, Dimitris, & Dave
Sungho Yahng
Sungho Yahng@sungho · LearnObit
I love the concept of this product. But, in order to use the billing system in this product, is it really necessary to register the company as a corporation and have a real address? This does not seem to fit the concept of the product
Geoff Roberts
Geoff RobertsHunterHiring@geoffroberts · Co-founder, Outseta
@new_user_d823b27662 Hi Sungho, thanks for sharing your feedback regarding the billing system. You do not need to be a corporation in order to use the billing system, but the business does need to be a legal entity (for example, Outseta is a LLC). There also needs to be a real address on file for the business, even if it's just a home address (as it is in our case as well). Hope that helps and I'd be happy to speak with you further regarding the billing system if that would be helpful.
Ayush Chandra
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
Great job!! 😊
Geoff Roberts
Geoff RobertsHunterHiring@geoffroberts · Co-founder, Outseta
@ayush_chandra Thank you!
Victor Bustillos
Victor Bustillos@vabustillos
Been following them for a couple of months. Seems like a great product :D
Geoff Roberts
Geoff RobertsHunterHiring@geoffroberts · Co-founder, Outseta
@vabustillos Thank you Victor!
Corey Haines
Corey Haines@corey_haines · Marketer, Maker, Indie Hacker
Hey @geoffroberts! Great product, love the idea. Also holla to San Diego! With many free products out there like Mailchimp, HubSpot, Chartmogul, is your product simply a consolidation with the same functionality or does your product offer some unique features?
Geoff Roberts
Geoff RobertsHunterHiring@geoffroberts · Co-founder, Outseta
Hey @corey_haines! Thanks and good to hear from another marketer here in SD. Outseta is comparable to many of the free products that are out there, but there are some major benefits to using a fully integrated platform as well as some unique features. Benefits 1. You'll have more complete CRM records out of the box, because they will automatically contain all billing information, email communication, support tickets submitted, and other activity. With one system to login to, everyone is looking at the same data and has a clear picture of your business' performance. 2. Cost. You can have as many contacts, send as many emails, and have as many users of our product as you like for a fixed cost. 3. You'll spend less time integrating and maintaining your tech stack - that's more time to focus on building product. In terms of differentiating functionality, we've built some other logic/scaffolding that's really useful to SaaS businesses. Check out the subscription management info here: https://www.outseta.com/subscrip.... We can help you with product registration and authentication, free trial payment prompts, and plan upgrade/downgrade workflows. Our "Plan Families" functionality is also worth a look - it makes it really easy for you to iterate and test different pricing models without bothering your developers. Let me know if you have any other questions or feedback! Geoff