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Snowflake O'Reilly Report
Snowflake O'Reilly Report
Design a Modern Application Data Stack
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CrowdSender enables merchants to ship products of last-mile shipments effortless via a single API & easy-to-use platform.
Ahtziri Allenbach
Ignacio Cortes
Ahtziri Allenbach and 40 others use Crowdsender
Data Protocol
15 reviews
Data Protocol partners with companies like Slack, Meta, VMware, Intel, and Google to provide developers essential training & updates on their favorite products. Access a growing library of interactive courses, resources, certifications, and more. It's free to use.
Ghost Kitty
Alice Goode
Ghost Kitty
Ghost Kitty and 47 others use Data Protocol
Altschool Africa is an online learning platform built for Africans, it features a variety of Diploma and short course in Tech, Music, Finance and so much more. The ideal goal for Altschool Africa is to provide access to knowledge at an affordable cost.
Nathan Luke
Sandy Leventh
Nathan Luke and 87 others use Altschool Africa
116 reviews
Memberstack empowers you to build anything - from gated blogs, to social media platforms - all using Memberstack & Webflow (or, whatever else you use to build sites & apps). Over 3,000 companies like Slack, Reddit, and American Airlines use Memberstack to build scalable, custom membership experiences. You can build everything you need without coding - but, you can also incorporate your own code into your projects and scale with Memberstack to a full-blown react application.
Ben Parker
Doug Gray
Nick Naumov
Ben Parker and 144 others use Memberstack
3 reviews
AppSprint packs android studio setup, UI templates, auth, network integration, database management, testing, and CI/CD into one. It's your foundational toolkit for crafting 99% of Android apps, accelerating development from start to finish.
Owen Lamb
Bill Reed and 0 others use AppSprint
2 reviews
A comprehensive Next.js boilerplate that empowers developers to launch their SaaS applications quickly and efficiently. With features like authentication, subscription management, and localization, it provides a solid foundation so you can focus on innovating.
Olamide T. Joseph
Nikolai Kolodziej
Arif Kobel
Olamide T. Joseph and 0 others use
RDT+: Unlimited design access! Subscribe, request designs, get results in 48h, Mon-Fri. Revise until perfection. Freedom beyond contracts!
Yulya Pron
Anatolii Pazhyn
Artur Kogut
Yulya Pron and 8 others use RDT+ design as a subscription
Smili Media
2 reviews
Smili : Your AI-powered viral video creator, turning YouTube content into short viral clips with AI Magic Tools, Curation, Virality Score™, Speaker Detection, and Keyword Highlighter. Making content creation 10x faster!
Antoine Garcia
Alexandre Martin
Bryan Julian
Antoine Garcia and 0 others use Smili Media
2 reviews
Designflow is a Studio that provides a subscription service for web design & development. For a fixed monthly rate you get unlimited designs and development requests. Pause anytime.
Ankur Bharadwaj
Jane Cooper
Shimla Gupta
Ankur Bharadwaj uses Designflow
2 reviews
The #1 Development Subscription Service for Visionaries, Startups, and Businesses
Daniel G
Rinas Anwar
Mehdi Jahanizade
Daniel G and 2 others use AppSage