Mailchimp Pro

A new suite of features to optimize emails for $199/month

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Peter ThomsonDigital Strategist
Sounds like $200 for features that should be included in my (already expensive) subscription. No thanks.
Adam Cochran
Growth@DuckDuckGo, Amateur maker
I'm a bit surprised at the sales page. It's really unclear what value I'm getting for $199/month? I'm constantly on the hunt for better ways to power up my email and got rather hopeful when I saw this. But these were my takeaways: Compliance insights and sender's remorse are great features but should either be standard or a small fee ($x/month) add-on as they are the biggest help to inexperienced marketers. Real time insights and Expanded MVT: These are a bit problematic because people think they get more data and faster data, but the data would actually contain more biases and be less actionable. I love Mailchimp but not sure I see the value-add here, are there other features that I'm missing?
Simon Cave
Community Manager
Great job guys!
plcthis is me
i am continuously amazed by Mailchimp.
Chris TaggartSoftware Developer
Glad to see these new features, but I'm surprised there's no increase in the number of filters you can apply to a given segment, or the addition of OR segment operators. Trying to split a large list (100k+) into two smaller lists (to get around these missing segmentation features) is also much more difficult than it should be.
Ben Chestnut
Co-founder, MailChimp
@christaggart That's great feedback, thanks. We're working on it, and you'll even see hints of our work over in the Comparative Reports builder (where you can do much more list segmentation than normal). Getting that functionality into the campaign builder is a very large undertaking, but it's definitely coming in a future MailChimp Pro release. We're just getting started with Pro!
Chris TaggartSoftware Developer
@benchestnut @christaggart Great to hear. Thanks!