Landing Pages in MailChimp

Easy to build, custom landing pages for free


Whether you’re just starting out and you need to grow your list, or you run a successful e-commerce shop and you’re looking to supplement your other marketing, our landing pages will help you get your site out of the way and focus the attention of your customers on the goal at hand. And they’re absolutely free.

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Michael Musgrove
Aidan Breen
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  • Aidan Breen
    Aidan BreenPhD Candidate (A.I.), NUIG

    Fairly straightforward process. Ties in directly with mailchimp lists and campaigns. The familiar editing tools made it super quick and easy


    The final result is less than mind blowing as far as a landing page goes.

    I just created the above landing page for an idea I've been mulling over for a few weeks. I haven't had the time to put together a proper landing page integrated with a mailing list, but this made it super quick and easy.

    It would be really nice to have a more slick, eye catching option by default, but as far as the process goes, it's bang on.

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  • Don The Idea Guy
    Don The Idea GuyThe Idea Department

    Good. Makes sense in relation to their primary service.


    Feels like this feature release is chasing MailerLite (which has offered landing pages for awhile now.)

    Like the landing page feature, MailChimp recently allowed free users to utilize email automation -- which also felt like a reaction to MailerLite's existing service. MailChimp was once a leader, but now it feels like they are plaing catch-up.

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  • Pros: 



    wrong page on producthunt i advise to put this instead admin login page

    nice feature

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  • Michael Musgrove
    Michael MusgroveMarketing guy.

    Easy to use with many features and options. No room for error and a very valuable tool to use for digital marketing.


    Can't even think of any. It's great!

    I was just looking for landing page solutions when this appeared on PH. Talk about having a prayer answered!

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  • Manisha Raisinghani
    Manisha RaisinghaniCo-founder & CTO, LogiNext

    Adding informative landing pages from e-mailers adds a new dimension to product marketing.


    The formatting and layout is still specific to the newsletter dimensions.

    Have been using MailChimp for some client interactions and mailers. It offers seamless content creation and dissemination.

    Manisha Raisinghani has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Sounds like a good idea


    I can't seem to make a landing page with a beautiful picture in the background

    I can't seem to make a landing page with a beautiful picture in the background without the white space around the marketing message and the email box.

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  • Tibério Lemes
    Tibério LemesApprentice. Entrepreneur.

    Facility, usability, delivery.


    No way.

    Simply awesome!

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