Intercom on Customer Support

Behind every great product is a great support team

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For those keeping score, this is Intercom's third book, following books on product management ( and customer engagement ( This isn't a tactical how-to guide, but instead our thoughts on scaling support from the part-time responsibility of a founder to a dedicated support team supporting thousands of customers around the world. There are a lot of smart folks behind the book, so I won't attempt to take credit for it. Happy to answer any questions on how we wrote it, shared it and plan to measure it. :)
Bad support will really drive bad reviews on every platform!!
I thoroughly enjoyed reading "Intercom on Customer Engagement", and I'll be adding this to my weekend reading list. Thanks for continuing to share such valuable content both via ebooks and your blog. The insights I've gained from following you have helped our team tremendously as we've scaled our customer success initiatives over the past year.
We are using it since one month, the best part about this app is the automated messages that we can send as well as the live support feature. We are in Beta phase, and this app is the major touch point between us and our customers