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Chris Messina
Chris MessinaHunter@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
This used to be Intercom for iOS... but v2.0 brings a new product name as well as: • Search by keyword or tag in an Inbox or alternatively use your recent search history. • Access People, Mentions, Team or Teammate inboxes from the new side menu. • View open and closed conversations in any Inbox. • Keep track of conversations you are mentioned in through the new Mentions view. • Lots and lots of bug fixes.
Daniil Kosinsky
Daniil Kosinsky@widgetpack · Founder of
@chrismessina Very interesting, thanks!
Drew Moxon
Drew Moxon@moxon · Product, Facebook Messenger
@chrismessina more great product work from Intercom. This makes responding to conversations on-the-go much much easier - crucial functionality
Matt Hodges
Matt Hodges@mattnhodges · Product at @Intercom
@chrismessina Thanks for hunting, Chris! Just a small note on the name–we had to rename the app a while back since Apple would no longer allow us to call it 'Intercom for iOS' ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Herman Schutte
Herman Schutte@hermanschutte · Working on StackPile and SnapWidget
Love that you can now use saved replies on iOS! Great work!
Adam Breckler
Adam Breckler@adambreckler · Founder, CEO @ Prism Labs (Prism.IO)
I'm a big fan of Intercom and have been using it since the early days. One thing that's been sorely lacking for me in the iOS app has been a reverse chronological view of 'Who's currently logged in' so I can find out which users are engaged actively with my app and ideally be able to drill in to their activity. The Intercom web app solves the first problem with the 'Active users' view by showing 'Online now' green dot, as well as the 2nd by clicking through the user to their event history. I'd absolutely love to be able to answer both these questions using the Intercom iOS app. cc: @destraynor @thricha
Mark Osborne
Mark Osborne@mposborne · Co-founder and CEO @
@adambreckler @destraynor @thricha Second this! And would really love to see the Companies view in the iOS app too.
Tom Richards
Tom RichardsMaker@thricha · Product Manager @ Facebook ex Intercom
@adambreckler Hey Adam. Great feedback thanks! It is possible for you to go and see the active users segment in the apps but I'll admit it's not as great as it could be at the moment. We're exploring lots of options to make it feel more alive and give you a better connection to the people using your app. Green dot being one of them. I'll keep you updated with our progress!
Tom Richards
Tom RichardsMaker@thricha · Product Manager @ Facebook ex Intercom
@mposborne @adambreckler @destraynor Nice idea. Will chat through it with the team :)
Brian R Marks
Brian R Marks@brianrmarks · Founder @Bonfire & @BelleIsleShine
More great works gang. Keep it up