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@kwdinc thanks a bunch for hunting us! We have been working with some of the largest companies helping them with mobile engagement. We have had in-apps for a while, and it was quickly very obvious through data, how immensely powerful these could be right from onboarding users to guiding them to more conversion. But the recurring complaint from marketers and product managers was that these were very hard to get right in terms of context and look, and most common complaint: took too much time and dev resources. in-app NATIV builds on all those learnings of the innovative ways in which folks wanted to guide customers responding to their intent and behavior in realtime, without all the constraints of dev resources and app store approval delays. We have already been thoroughly excited in the various ways our beta customers have embraced and exploited NATIV with great results, across verticals. The use cases illustrate just a few of these. To celebrate the launch, we have a special offer for Hunters. All the features of the MoEngage platform including in-app NATIV completely FREE to apps with up to 50k Monthly Active Users, which is usually free up to 25k MAUs.
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MoEngage launched in-app NATIV, a new product feature that allows marketers and product managers to create personalized in-app experiences for their users in just a few minutes without having to depend on engineering and design resources.
'growth-hacking' while in-app? 😭 I hate seeing pop-ups in apps.... there must be a slick way to do this.
@bentossell Completely agree! The way in-apps are used right now, is what makes them annoying a la the annoying web popups. But in-apps provided they are contextual, look "native", and actually help the user can be really powerful. And that's exactly our idea here. Some of the use cases on the page illustrate exactly how.
@samujjalp yeah I like the use case of news where you can enter your preferences... But this won't be just used for useful things like that. "Rate My App" "Refer A Friend" "Buy More" One use case says about 'enabling push notifications for your users' - by saying "Receive updates on your order"... isnt this pretty bad for the user experience? Updates on my order but then all of a sudden I get push notifications about other things in the app... I'd say the majority of the time these interactions are annoying.
@bentossell agreed. And that's why we spend a lot of time with our customers sharing best practices. At the end of the day what we have built is a tool, and while it might make it easier for certain folks to abuse it, they would be doing it at their own peril. We try our best to help our customers avoid these pitfalls, and most importantly they have data to back these up. And that's where the rest of the pieces of the platform come into play including: campaign analytics and uninstall tracking. So it's easy to show customers that incessant push notifications result in lower CTR, conversion and even worse uninstalls. So with a mix of knowledge sharing and data driven "fear" ;) we have been able to drive the right usage.
@samujjalp yeah I understand that and not saying you are at fault for those janky apps out there haha. However, it's in your best interest to get app developers to use your product (whether for good or bad).
@bentossell For sure, early on. But we have no contracts. So unless we are delivering value, customers are free to leave us anytime. So it's in our interest as well to drive the right practices for customers so the value is obvious. We have been quite deliberate in our pricing model, which is based on Monthly Active Users. Unless we help our customer "do the right thing", they might end up making customers leave. With an MAU based pricing and no contract, we have skin in the game to help them out.
I'm also not a big fan of pop-ups in apps either but I like your design and I believe that for app marketers with no coding skills this is for sure an appealing tool.
Thanks @danny_kleckers! With NATIV we have two goals: one that you mention: to make it really easy for app marketers, but also help them get in-apps right in terms of context and user experience based on the extensive learnings we have had. That's why our in-apps are closely tied to the rest of our platform making it easy for marketers to "target" in-apps based on who their users are (attributes) and what they do (behaviors), in real time.