Great post, Alex. I haven't heard an in-depth interview w/ Jimmy Fallon yet. Really looking forward to this.
"When Jimmy Fallon landed a spot on Saturday Night Live in 1998, he told executive producer and comedy kingmaker Lorne Michaels, "I'm going to make you proud." Six years later, Fallon departed as a audience favorite, the show's go-to impressions guy, and the co-host (with Tina Fey) of SNL's "news" unit, Weekend Update. But he became famous without "working blue," and has always wanted everybody to be in on the joke. It's a trait that makes him a perfect television personality. Now, he occupies the most coveted seat in the business, as the host of The Tonight Show. He tells Here's The Thing host Alec Baldwin that he got his start in Saugerties, New York, practicing the stuff that every comic needs in their toolkit: impressions, musical numbers, and...a troll routine. 

In this clip from SNL in 1998 (referenced in the above interview), Jimmy Fallon and Alec Baldwin unwittingly predict a future success:"

This was really enjoyable. Fallon just comes across as such an authentic, nice guy with no ego. The part about him predicting his own hosting of SNL years later was crazy.
I do not have anything more articulate to say than, "OMG, 100% YASSS"
Harvard's Nieman Lab of Journalism also wrote an interesting article about this episode and listening to podcasts on Facebook:"
@alexcartaz Interesting. I doubt anyone stuck around to listen to the full 48 minutes on Facebook, but I could see it working for teasers.
@teecycletim yeah I'm skeptical about people listening most of the way to longform on Twitter or Facebook but it's exciting to see where these experiments head. i've personally always viewed podcasts' roll on those sites as discovery focused. "Oh I didn't know this existed, I'll make a point to listen later".