Crisp Status Page

Monitor servers and let users know if something goes down.

Crisp Status Page lets you monitor your servers in realtime.

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Hello! I'm Baptiste, CEO at Crisp. When we started Crisp, it has been three years now, we discovered that during unexpected downtimes, users were contacting us on our livechat or were opening a lot of tickets. This was difficult for us, because at the same time we had to respond to them while solving these downtime issues. That was the reason why we made our own status page for our internal use. Many asked us to release it as a product so as always we rolled up our sleeves and did it. We are proud to release this Crisp Status Page today so you can build your own for your startup too!
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Definitely one of the best live chat app with amazing features on the market. Good alternative to intercom 😜 Good support from the team. The status page looks nice with a clean design. Thumbs up for me πŸ‘keep up the good work!
@xaviercoiffic Thanks so much Xavier. We are also working on a very big step, that will be rolled out after this summer !
The best chat product I have ever used. Developer team is switched on and hands on. Highly recommended!
@tomasz_lotocki Hello Tomasz. Looking forward to try other electric stuff in Ireland!
@baptistejamin @lecoupa @valeriansaliou I like the simple design and your homepage flows really well, explaining how the product works and guiding users towards setting up. How did you decide the pricing?
@lecoupa @valeriansaliou @abadesi Hello and thank you! Pricing matters a lot to us and we really know that startups can't offer multiple SaaS products. So we made simple offers with a simple pricing: - Crisp Basic that offers limited features, but that it's 100% free - Crisp Pro, $25 / month, that offers integrations (Slack, Messenger, Twitter, Email) and many more features - Crisp Unlimited, our flagship, $95 / month, that offers all the Crisp features, like this status page, email campaigns, a knowledge base, video calls, etc. The fact is all our plans come with unlimited users, so entrepreneurs can focus on their work, instead of being worried about what they will pay at the end of the month.
@lecoupa @valeriansaliou @abadesi @baptistejamin Great philosophy with the pricing! I can definitely relate to worrying about hitting usage limits – much prefer feature limits with unlimited users πŸ˜ƒ

Great to inform your users if something goes wrong with your infrastructure.


Great new feature, definitely recommend


Could be a bit easier to set up

You are right, this could be easier to setup. We worked in the last days on few improvements to make it easier to setup.