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3 month after Crisp 2.0, we release our revolutionary Livechat! It contains a lot of innovations, including: - The new LiveAssist feature allows your agent to take control of your visitor screen and assist them - Video calls - Drip Campaigns - A new CRM part - A bot feature to auto-reply to customers - The first in-chat game, allowing your visitors to wait when you are offline - You can start using Livechat and then hand-over using other channels (Messenger, Twitter, SMS, Email)
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@baptistejamin Wow guys this is an exceptional update. You've added so many feature-rich upgrades that I'm sure so many people (including myself) will find useful.
@baptistejamin Sounds great. Have you considered (if not done already) to make it possible for people to leave a recorded audio/video message - for inspiration check ''
Great job guys !
Love your chat! Using it right now on our site and it makes our life so easier!
@lisadziuba Thank you Lisa!
Good job guys! :)
@jasmineanteunis Thank you Jasmine! Hope to be integrated with Recast soon!
This product is a killer! I'm using it since few months and it works really great, and now video calls inside toolbox chat?! Awesome idea and i think it's really revolutionary approach! Congratulations!!
@acellary Thank you Adam!