Tinder Reactions

The Menprovement Initiative is now underway

Tinder Reactions are designed to give users a selection of responses that can be used at any stage of conversation, and suitable for a wide spectrum of behavior—from a gentle nudge (say “ball’s in your court!”) to a warning (send an eyeroll) to a bold gesture (throw a drink in their face).

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So only men can be douche?




I seriously don't like this.

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Check out @badeen in this starring role:
Never one to take yourself too seriously, @badeen. Love it.
Marketing take: "Yes! Great way to show the girls you're looking out for them." Product take: "Ok. Fine. More expressive communication." Ethics take: "Really?! This is where we've come..."

Try not to take such a sexist approach & market from both sides rather than attacking men


Great idea copying facebook!!!!


Narcissistic assuming only men can be bad, LOTS of shitty women on tinder., but also not a surprising perspective *laughing/crying reaction*