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Justin McLeod — CEO, Hinge
Thanks Ryan! Last fall Hinge faced a turning point. Even though we were as big as ever and still growing, we knew we were simply not living up to our mission of helping people find relationships. After extensive research and even more soul-searching, we had to concede that in fact our entire model was flawed: swiping seemed to be an addictive game that did more to keep our members single than to help them find relationships. And many, it seemed, were tired of the games. So were we.

So we decided to cut bait and embark on what became a nine-month journey to develop an entirely new service which would ditch swiping, matching, timers and games and replace them with a way to help people meaningfully connect.

With the release of our new app today, we hope we can pave the way for a new normal in dating culture that treats people with dignity and helps those seeking relationships find what they’re really looking for. Regardless of your previous experience with Hinge and other so-called ‘dating apps,’ I hope that if you’re over the games and ready to find something real, you’ll consider starting a new relationship with us.

I’ll be here all day along with our head of product, Sam Levy, responding to any questions you might have.
Matthew TW Huang — Tech Lover, Engineer
@jpmcleod I definitely agree that swiping apps aren't achieving your mission to help people find relationships. I don't have a iOS device so I can't test the new Hinge.

There's little to no information on how Hinge works besides it's not swiping. Is it search-based? Are their match makers?

How do you plan on solving getting users? Personally, I don't want to spend $7/month on something that does not many users in a drivable distance. The first-adopters are definitely taking a risk.

Also, the Hinge blog is down.
Sam Levy — VP Product, Hinge
@matthewtwhuang Thanks for your questions!

To answer your question 'what's different about new Hinge?' from some of our in-app FAQ:

*No Swiping*
Rather sending a generic ‘heart’, you can like or comment on the part of their profile that stands out most to you - and in turn, you can learn what stands out most about you.

*Stories, Not Resumes*
Redesigned rich profiles allows you to tell your story, rather than listing off your resume. We're encouraging people to have up to 9 photos and 6 short prompts. Based on early signup rates, it looks like profile completion rates are extremely high!

*3x the Conversations*
We have a new engagement mechanism: comment on someone’s story card or picture rather than sending yet another “Hey, how’s it going?”. You'll appear on this person's homescreen with your message and they can tap 'connect' to continue the conversation.

*People Who Want What You Want*
Our paywall is designed to cut the creeps, the clutter, and the flakes.

*Personal Service*
We have a member services team is here to make sure you have an amazing experience.
Sam Levy — VP Product, Hinge

On your second question about acquiring new users: the good news is that we've had a record day today after just a couple hours. We hope to convert a large % of our current Hinge users who are looking for a relationship with the 3 month free trial (no credit card required). Our growth team is working on how we continue to grow our base of users as we realize the value of Hinge will be proportional to the size of Hinge's userbase (network effects). We believe as a low subscription price and a product experience people love that we will have strong word of mouth growth as well.
Austin Sandmeyer — Thinker/Student/Rockstar
Helen Crozier — technology coach
So happy to see this. We have a horrific story in the media about a court case where a tindr date turned bad so I'm relieved to see an alternative more human approach. Thank you on behalf of people yet to connect...
Sam Levy — VP Product, Hinge
@helencrozier Thank you! Appreciate it.
Ryan Hoover — Founder, Product Hunt
Big redesign, introducing a $7/mo charge and this cute criticism of "swiping culture":

Some interesting stats in their Medium post.

I haven't used a dating app in over a year so I'm curious what singles think of this direction.
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