Dating, friend-finding, and career-building in one app

Bumble is the first app to bring dating, friend-finding, and career-building into a single social networking platform. It has changed the way people date, find friends, and the perception of meeting online, for the better. Women make the first move.

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Would definitely use this when there is surge pricing on Tinder
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@caseynewton Surely you meant "urge" pricing :D
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@AnujAdhiya @caseynewton have you seen Happn? I think the pricing system works well. It surely comes down to content & experience at the end of the day - & to make sure I'm not being rude, by content I very much mean the likelihood to match with someone who you're interested in.
Just signed up. The on-boarding is simple, using Facebook to populate photos and make assumptions as to what gender and age I'm interested in. I went to my profile to change the photos it automatically chose and found it frustrating that I couldn't choose pics from Facebook (only my camera roll) or reorder the photos. Understandably, they're releasing this a little early. I like the "women choose first" mechanic, which I've seen in other apps. I also like that it doesn't provide an overwhelming number of options. By restricting the number of options like Hitch and Coffee Meets Bagel, it feels like less of an investment to quickly check the app. That said, it success entirely depends on the number and "quality" of matches. I'll report back in a few weeks. :)
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@rrhoover good to see more stuff released 'early', but i think the limited photo options will be disappointing for a lot of users. my favourite part of the app was seeing the main screen - it's a great UI that I can see working really well in other markets, e.g. retail have you added this to the "Tinder for X" collection yet?
@isaacsrda I agree minus the photos part. We already know everyone is cool so we dont need to see all your photo albums— we already have instagram for that. 😃
How do we think the 'Girls have to message first" will impact user demographic, the 'typical' conversation & levels of engagement? Is Whitney or any other Bumble-rs on PH?
@isaacsrda I think this is genius. As a formerly frequent user of dating apps, I can attest that I and my female friends would NOT message first, even if we really thought a profile was great. This removes the stigma, while simultaneously turning the painful contact process that guys go through on its head.
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@KikiSchirr yep, completely. also they've managed to keep the tinder swipe UX without it feeling cheap. if anything, it's better.
@KikiSchirr @isaacsrda Female point of view here: I think it is genius. Girls want to message first, we just don't want to feel like we're too forward (which can be a turn off for guys). Being it a rule makes it less awkward for girls.
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@isaacsrda I'll agree with the other repliers and say that this feature is so genius. I've felt for a while that this sort of restriction could provide so much value to dating apps. Really excited to see if it works in practice.
@KikiSchirr @isaacsrda you're right, this is the genius idea of Bumble. As a male, I tried tinder a bit, but my matches would never message first... or show not that great interest... This way female will feel more committed. It's a win win
Really not sure about showing job details. Interesting to see how this matures, and if it can poach users from Happn & Tinder
@ryanamurphy check the link i put at the top re: how WW did the early user acquisition for Tinder..
As one of the pioneers of this space and co-founder of Mesh, I think it's pretty interesting overall. Nothing here is really unique compared to other apps with a near identical feature set, such as Siren, Anti-date, and more. However, the sensationalism of the story, Tinder vs Bumble, former founders, etc. essentially has the press salivating over the story/conflict and setting Bumble up as heir apparent. Which honestly is a bit unfair to the other players in the space hustling every day, but such is life. All the exposure has all but guaranteed Bumble will at least do okay (due to likely userbase), regardless of anything else. I have some interesting thoughts on how I think it'll do based on its feature set, norms in dating, gender roles, etc. but I'll leave that to a more elaborate blog post in the future.
@asherraph Hey Asher - let us know when you do the blog post - as be great to read your perspective on this & how you think this fits into the evolution of online dating. Definitely submitted it due to the sensationalism of the story, it's a great app/biz to dissect.