Facebook Clear History is a new tool launched by Facebook to allow you to delete your data in Facebook's vaults, coming weeks after the Cambridge Analytica scandal and impending GDPR regulation in the EU.

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Erm, why is this 'product' listed on 'Product Hunt' when it's neither available, working, or launched?
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I think it's a soft delete.
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But what if I want to sell my data to a hostile foreign power?
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@david_klein1 Пожалуйста свяжись со мной. Я дам вам хорошую цену за ваши данные!
Unsurprising that this launched pre-GDPR. This won't solve all of our big data problems: at the end of the day, it's the consumer's job to intelligently protect their data before it's given to advertising companies like FB, not after.
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@nickabouzeid I feel GDPR believe that no, it's not the consumers job to do this, in the same way that it's not the consumers job to research the food they eat to make sure it's safe (it's the job of the relevant Food Safety Authority, bar any allergies etc).

We'll pay anyway. Either with privacy or with cash.


{user: {_id: 42, _deleted: true, avatar: https://fb.image.xxx, birthday: 19930123, gender ...}}


If you really want `delete row from users where user where _id = 42`, you need to buy Facebook Pro. and subscribe yearly.