Cash Boost

Get instant cash back with Cash App's new rewards program✨💸

Introducing Cash Boost from Square’s Cash App: pick a place or category & get instant cash back when you use your Cash Card. This launch marks Cash App’s first rewards program—and one that is uniquely customizable to the places, categories, and merchants that customers can select themselves. Boost yourself ✨💸

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This is great (and totally expected): credit cards incentivize users with points, cash back, and travel miles, so it only makes sense that a fintech company with a vested interest in getting you to use their card would as well. The design is stunning too. Kudos Square Cash team 👏
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I'm really excited to see where this goes.


I love the fact that I don't feel pressure to enter into potential debt with a credit care, in order to be rewarded.


No request feature for other boosts

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Tried this this morning at Ritual coffee, worked great. Not sure why you can't just have all the boosts on, but appreciate that Square are probably swallowing this cost for now to better incentivize use of the card.
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One of my top apps so i'm loving this new feature. New drag and drop UI for boost is very intuitive. I have a question that i've been dying to know since iOS 11 dropped. How does the cash app team pull of the rounded corners on non iphone x devices? I wish every app did this.
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@nate_davis viewController.view.layer.cornerRadius
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@samelliottsam 👏🏻 Thank you!
@nate_davis haha I *think* that's right, It's been a while :)

Awesome to see this app continue to grow in functionality.


We're using the Cash App now.


We're not using the other ones!

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