An all-new $199 standalone headset from Oculus, not tethered to PC. Oculus Go will sit above the Gear VR headset and under the Oculus Rift. The easiest way to experience VR (available early 2018).

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Sooooo excited about this. Been holding out on getting the Vive or the Rift because I didn't wanna have to deal with/buy a PC. Getting this as soon as it ships! ⛵️ Will make sure to update this GIF.
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@nivo0o0 GIF update please!
@londonrom here is the most recent GIF update as of 2 days ago:
@nivo0o0 Wait, Oculus Go requires a phone? I thought it was standalone
@brunolemos it's standalone, this is me wearing the Gear VR
This is perfect for people in Apple's iPhone/Mac ecosystem who largely haven't been able to do anything with VR without purchasing a new computer or phone. Very excited for this
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Game-changer. I still believe AR will be much bigger than VR in the long-run, but this price point and portability are a 10x improvement over where the industry was a few years ago.
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This is all cool and all, but I feel that Googles standalone will blow this out of the water, with their insideout technology that they'll be putting in and the fact they're working with HTC to work on a Google branded headset, and it's going to be stand alone just like this I feel as though Google has a better edge on this. Keep in mind this product will most likely still utilise the lighthouse technology if you want room scale. And it's just going to be a bit more powerful than a phone based system. If this can wirelessly connect to a PC and I can utilize the power of my PC whilst also having the power to use it on the go, but I think definitely this has yet over anything that Google will come out with. But we'll just have to wait and see.
@ekana_stone When will Google's standalone be coming out? Personally haven't heard of this yet
This is actually can be a breakthrough VR requires - no wires, no expensive PC required, no tweaking, just strap in and experience.