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April 16th, 2018

eCommerce is fighting in Supreme Court πŸ›
Today, the Supreme Court might force you to pay sales tax on much more of your online shopping.

Arguments will be heard in South Dakota vs. Wayfair, which focuses on a South Dakota law that makes it legal for states to impose sales tax on ecommerce purchases if the company makes over 200 transactions or over $100,000 in sales in that state every year.

In other words, you might have to start paying sales tax on your favorite $5 toothbrushes, Brandless
ℒ️ products, and everything #GlossierPink.

We won't know the outcome of the case for months, but we can at least make shipping your stuff easier in the meantime:

πŸ“š Lumi's Shipping Things teaches you everything about packaging, selling and shipping products online. They raised a $9M Series A to sell custom-branded packaging for all of your orders.

πŸ’° Stripe's partnership with Shippo lets you print shipping labels directly from their dashboard for all of your orders.

🏷 Sticker Mule now sells branded packing tape. Cover everything in your logo or favorite emoji.

Or... you can just give Amazon a key to your house. Jeff Bezos will personally handle the rest.
Give Jeff Bezos Your Keys 🏠

Goodbye, Ivy League. The first SMS-Only University launches today.

No classrooms, no professors, just text messages.

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