Shipping Things by Lumi

Learn about packaging, selling and shipping products online.

Shipping is hard. That's why Lumi is released their new series, "Shipping Things," which aims to simplify the process and make it easy to ship your first product. Whether it's things like packaging, selling, or shipping, Lumi's video series will help you along the way.

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Hey guys! Let me know what else you'd like to see covered on #shippingthings Hoping this series is not only fun to watch but makes essential supply chain knowledge accessible to entrepreneurs and operations team members working to grow companies. As Steve Jobs (supposedly) once said "Real Artists Ship" - this is what he meant right!?
This looks really promising @jessegenet. Shipping regularly comes up when I talk with ecommerce stores and I think so many people underestimate the impact good shipping has. It's your last point of contact with the customer and gives you an awesome opportunity to go above and beyond. I know pricing can be incredibly confusing so I'd love to see some videos on ways to make it less so or strategies to reduce shipping costs with your packaging. A video on inserts would be another awesome one to watch.
I've never wanted to know so much about shipping boxes and now I do! Congrats on these really well-made videos! From someone who know nothing about e-commerce: do you also do fulfillment? does this work with picking/fulfilling services? What services do you recommend for that? Thanks!
Great marketing right here.
Really enjoyed learning from these videos!