Value My Funnel

Figure out the value of your visitors, leads & customers.

Value My Funnel is a simple tool that's been created to help you calculate the value of your marketing funnel, all the way down to what each visitor to your site is worth.

After entering some basic data, it delivers a personalized report, along with goal projections based on your own numbers.

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Love this idea. If you don't know these numbers, it's hard to optimize!
@mijustin Was hoping you'd chime in :-) Knowing these number is a must, I'd argue. Especially if you're paying for traffic. Whenever I decide to focus on increasing conversions – whether it be visitor -> subscriber, subscriber -> customer, etc. – I always start by coming up with a value for each stage of the funnel and benchmarking any CRO experiments against them.
This is awesome, Brennan. Congrats on the launch!
@delk Thanks Ryan! And thanks for all the advice you've given us over the last few months.
Such. A. Helpful. Tool! The best part about this tool is that it spits out a fully customized PLAN for your situation. Sure, the estimated numbers are great, but they're just a way to get you excited/inspired. The real gems here are the actionable things you're getting to make these improvements. Well done Brennan and team. Keep up the awesome work 🙌🏼
@jasondoesstuff Thanks so much, Jason! We're excited - we haven't yet programatically built out a fully personalized email course, so this is our first go doing that. I think being able to fuse data with traditionally static content (like an email course) is going to make what we're teaching result in many more "a ha!" moments.
@jasondoesstuff Hey, I know that ^^ guy. :) Great to cross paths again Mr. Zook. You are 100% correct ... understanding the numbers is only step 1, but a MUST as Brennan mentioned. Step 2 is putting things into motion to increase your funnel values without having to increase your traffic. Thanks, Jason!
@jasondoesstuff Yep, totally agree 👍🏼
This is so cool!! Love it. Personalization is the future of marketing.
@radhakrishnan_kg We're a bit biased but... we agree 😀
Thanks for hunting us, @kwdinc! Heya Product Hunt! I'm one of the co-founders of RightMessage, and we've been working on a free calculator that makes it easy to put a value on each stage of your sales funnel (prospect -> lead -> customer) A lot of businesses don't know their numbers ("what's the value of a newsletter subscriber?", "what can you afford to spend to get someone to your website?"), so hopefully this tool will make figuring that out a bit easier. After doing some number crunching, we deliver a report with some ideas on how to increase conversions for each stage of the funnel, and include an optional, fully-personalized email course that walks through all the tactics we recommend. We're still refining bits of how we generate the report, and don't have it syncing in real-time with conversion averages from RightMessage (we've hardcoded sample data for now) – but if you have any questions or suggestions for us, ask below!