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WorkStyle is your team’s digital organisational psychologist, helping to improve productivity, happiness and retention. Create a team hub where you can learn how each team member does their best work and understand what personalities will complement your team’s effectiveness.

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👋🏻Hey PH, Nathan from the WorkStyle team here. Long time lurker, first time launcher, an exciting day! Thomas and I created WorkStyle after a friend told me ‘creating her own personal optimal working profile’ had helped her team work more effectively with her. 💪🏻 ✅After countless hours of building, iterating and testing with founders and HR managers we now have something that we think can help teams of all sizes work more effectively and be happier in the long term. The features included: 👉🏻Optimal working profiles for each person on your team 👉🏻Team analytics 👉🏻Trust building Q&A 👉🏻Peer based insights Thomas and I will be here all day to answer any questions you might have. Would really appreciate your feedback on our product! 🙏 It’s 100% free for one person to try out. Team plans come with a 21 day free trial. 💸 PS: If you go onto a paid plan just mentioned producthunt and we’ll give you 30% off that plan :) valid for the next 4 weeks.
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@leveragehacker Interested in the trial period of the WorkStyle test. I hope this will help to create a team of like-minded people.
Sounds awesome

I began with my profile and I agree on my personality's analysis. I already consider on how to apply this to colleagues.


Helpful to handle your co-workers and keeping productivity high.


UI could be user-friendlier.

Thanks a lot for the review Christian. Aside from UI, is there anything else you'd like to see added?

initial setup involves answering a few questions but the end result is fantastic.


easy to use and great layout



Oh and we recorded a video just for ProductHunt, couldn't add it to the gallery for some reason.
@leveragehacker short links are not allowed, you have to add the link.. Added 👍
@amrith ahh! legend, thank you Amrith!
@amrith hey Amrith do you know if there's a way to make our gif autoloop?