Digital Behavioral Design

Human behavior is programmable. A book on product design.

#4 Product of the WeekApril 16, 2018

Human behavior is programmable. You just need to know the code. Here we introduce Behavioral Design: a design framework for programming human behavior.

In this book we focus on a particular area of behavior design: Habits. How they work and how your product can use Behavioral Design to become a daily habit for your users.

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Hi! We're @BoundlessAi (Boundless Mind) the team behind this brand new book. We will be here all day answering questions about our new book, behavioral design, the role of AI in habit forming products and anything else you can throw our way.
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@boundlessai @mattmayberry This looks awesome. Just for context, how do you see this comparing to Nir Eyal's Hooked?
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@boundlessai @mattmayberry I've been talking about you guys all over the world and mention you in my upcoming book. AMAZING WORK. GO FASTER!
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@boundlessai @mattmayberry We're working on it man! Thanks for the support, @chrisdancy1 ! Let's catch up soon!
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Hey @shanerostad ! Brown here (one of the Authors). We see our book as a great read alongside "Hooked", Duhigg's "The Power of Habit", Wendle's "Designing for Behavior Change", and some of the work out of the Fogg Lab at Stanford. The CAR, Hook, and Cue-Routine-Reward Model share commonalities because they're all seeking to explore how the underlying neurology of habit formation should guide product-making decisions. Uniquely, this first Volume of our series introduces what OTHER tools [beyond positive reinforcement] are in the Behavioral Design Toolbox, the ethical questions and imperatives around how to use Behavioral Design, guidance for businesses trying to make the most of BD, and as deep a dive into the underlying neuroscience and philosophy as we felt we could get away with ;)
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@boundlessai @chrisdancy1 Chris! Great to hear from you. Im going to shoot you an email. Its been forever. Thanks for the support!
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Congrats @BoundlessAi ! And thanks for the mention of the Hooked Model in your wonderful new book.
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@nireyal Thanks Nir! ๐Ÿคœ๐Ÿค›
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Thanks @nireyal - you've been a huge part of this journey, dude. Looking forward to NYC soon!
Hello, where I can order this book?
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Great book, very helpful for our web design company. Thanks for sharing -
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Thanks @brandflare !! Reach out to us anytime at!
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Huge fan of this team and book :)
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@trace_cohen you know you and Brian are getting an autographed hardcopy, right ;)
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