Packaging Tape by Sticker Mule

Brand your shipments like top-notch retailers

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#3 Product of the DayApril 18, 2017
James Gentes
Tom Fox
Craig Morantz
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  • James Gentes
    James GentesCEO,

    Has your logo on it.


    Isn't sticky.

    Bought these initially thinking it would replace the clear packing tape we all normally use for shipping. Then realized (with a box full of new tape) that you have to wet it. Bummer.

    James Gentes has used this product for one month.
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Tyler Vawser
Tyler VawserMaker@tvaw
Our custom packaging tape is made with strong, durable paper that is reinforced with fiberglass strands. Popular, high volume retailers use this type of tape to improve their productivity and quickly & securely ship hundreds or even thousands of packages a day. We’re able to print as few as 1 roll per order & all orders have 4 day turnaround and free 2-day U.S. shipping. If you care about presentation and a branded shipping experience, Sticker Mule’s packaging tape is what you should be using. We put together a special launch deal so everyone can try it: ($9 roll + free shipping)
Nick K.
Nick K.@duck_muscle · Product Designer
@tvaw This is great. I use compostable materials for my coffee packaging/shipping - any thoughts on adding a compostable option in the future?
Eric Willis
Eric WillisHunter@erictwillis · Working on something new
New from the Sticker Mule team: custom packaging tape. It’s the same type of tape used by big retailers to brand their boxes and shipments.
Tyler Vawser
Tyler VawserMaker@tvaw
@erictwillis Thanks for the hunt! :)
Kristofer™@kristofertm · #6 Product Hunter. E-Skateboard fanatic
Too smart. Now you can ship product in a super cheap box but class it up with some much cheaper packaging tape. Love it
Tyler Vawser
Tyler VawserMaker@tvaw
@kristofertm Great point!
Ivan Oung
Ivan Oung@ivanthechaos · MRM, BrandExpress
@kristofertm Underated comment.
Brendan Beirne
Brendan Beirne@brendanbeirne · Product / strategy, Joojoo
This is absolutely brilliant.
Nick Abouzeid
Nick AbouzeidPro@nickabouzeid · Content @ Emergence Capital
I just love Stickermule. I don't have anything insightful to add, but I just wanted everyone to know.