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November 2nd, 2020

Your portrait powered by AI 🖼️

Your profile picture is often the first image people have of you. Twitter friends that you've never met IRL, or a potential new employer connecting virtually for the first time. The way you choose to portray yourself visually online, especially in our remote-first world, can say a lot about you.

We've seen the trend for using AI and AR to enhance profile images and online avatars increase in popularity in recent months. Last week, makers, Roman, Eugene and Tanya dropped PFPMaker, a product that uses background removal AI that makes the subject (you) stand out.

Similar products launched in this space include Trace 2.0 by Sticker Mule, BG App, and PhotoRoom.  If you want to be fancier, you could always wait for Adobe Photoshop 2021 which uses AI-powered neural filter features to change someone's expression, pose, age, gaze, etc. among other features.

To go beyond an enhanced photo image of yourself, Toonify takes your features and turns you into a cartoon, and Photo Lab AI Artist can turn your profile into a piece of art.

Perhaps you want to spruce up your design portfolio with a talking sketch portrait of yourself. AI Portraits by SketchAR uses AI+AR to make that happen. And who knows - maybe 2D profile pics will be a thing of the past. Alethea AI imagines a world where users can create photorealistic, emotive, and intelligent avatars from one image.

Will you experiment with a new background for your profile picture? Let us know 👇

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