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Remove background & edit image in one tap on iOS with AI.

#4 Product of the DayMay 28, 2019
BG is an image editing iOS app which understands your images. It starts with a few simple tasks, such as automatically remove background, changing object color, replacing car plate.
  • Jean Patry
    Jean Patrymaker mojo iOS - ex GoPro

    instant. smart. easy.


    make it work on videos :)

    this app will be a must-have tool on mobile. I won't need photoshop anymore.

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  • Yann
    YannProduct Enthusiast

    Incredibly easy to use. The engine is smart enough to properly remove elements in photos like no other app.


    iOS only unfortunately for Android folks

    Awesome app when you need to quickly edit a photo in a "smart" way :)

    Yann has used this product for one month.
Hello 👋 I am Matthieu, the maker of BG. Before, I was in charge of image editing products at GoPro and realised that all image editing is still quite dumb but that we all need it to tell good stories. BG is a mobile photoshop that understands your pictures starting with a few simple tasks like erasing background, changing object color, replacing car plate but it will me much more in the future. Technically all machine learning is done on device with CoreML. I'd love to get feedback and answer questions from you! Thank you @nicosteeg and @madlag for your invaluable help and advice.
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I was super happy to see some folks from the Stupeflix mafia work on a new product. And this product, BG, is super cool. Works pretty well, intuitive to use. I've been using it either for arty posts from photos, or to anonymize photos of my kids.
Thanks for hunting, @albn ! 🙌🏻
I love how you can just tap on elements of your picture (people, cars, background…) and apply filters on these — so much more intuitive than the Photoshop lasso tool!
Thanks @robi the lasso tool drove me crazy multiple time too!
Cool to see it here, especially when I started working on a similar product yesterday :)
thanks @liakh_andrii . good luck with yours and happy to chat about it if you want!
Awesome creative effects I’ve been a beta user of this app for a while. It’s really cool, I generated awesome pictures and shared them on social media