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October 12th, 2020

This startup wants to eliminate passwords
Last week, Taus Noor, the co-founder & CEO at Gaze, launched Gazepass, a passwordless login API for web and mobile apps.

Gazepass aims to provide your users with a way to log in using biometrics across all of their devices, regardless of whether or not they have a specialized biometric sensor.

We’ve seen more simple login solutions launch in recent times to help keep your accounts secure, and accessible, without having to remember a ton of random characters for every new app.

Here are some others that launched recently to check-out:

Fast develops a fast and secure one-click login solution.

Magic is a future-proof crypto and identity tech-powered passwordless login solution.

Auth0 Marketplace makes it easy for developers to find and install the identity integrations.

DID is a fast and simple way to add passwordless auth to websites and apps.

Authpack provides a user login and payments system installed with 8 lines of code.

Cotter is a simple and lightweight passwordless auth for your site or app.

Feather is a simple auth API for makers allowing you to build a sign-in flow in 5 min.

No Password Login is a passwordless login plugin for Shopify.

The CEO of Gazepass promises early adopters 1 year of all existing features (unlimited logins/users) for free. Sign ups before Nov 30.
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