Replace your login form with one button

#2 Product of the WeekMay 02, 2019
Fast is the easiest way to securely login.
The Fast button can be easily added to any website for secure one-click login for all users.
Fast supports 100% of users, authenticating through email, and doesn’t require users to have a Fast account.
Login, Fast!
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UI design is a little haphazard, long email overhanging boundaries, hamburger menus in the middle of the top nav. These small details build trust especially important for authentication.


Nice implementation of email based authentication


Lots of opportunity for polish improvements. Details matter for trust.

Good feedback, scaling product improvement as quickly as user growth!
long email overhanging boundaries - FIXED, was annoying the crap out of me too :) Hamburger menu is actually meant to be there, does left-align on mobile.
I like the idea and the execution, but would love more info on the security and tech behind it. an aside: is it built on Laravel?
@danmatthews what we are doing is scaling authentication, it doesn't make sense that we continually re-login everywhere and duplicate authentication over & over. So Fast authenticates a user, using existing and accepted industry security, then provides access to that authenticated token to multiple services/websites. Built with PHP (Not Laravel) / GoLang / Node
@domm Thanks for the reply, i really like it, gonna add it to a few apps i use - one of which is used daily by university students who just can't seem to ever remember their password. Are you planning to charge for it in the future? I'll probably stick it on when we launch too, i like the idea.
@danmatthews Fantastic, looking forward to having you onboard - let me know as you launch them This product is our free product, we have a v2 paid product already in beta which is the next gen 'easier' version of this!
@fast @domm fantastic, i will, thanks.
@domm Hello domm, Nice product! I love your product. I want to join the v2 product is already in beta. It would be appreciate let me know how to join. Thanks!
This is a very big idea that can remove a real pain point for both consumers and brands. I don’t want to give all my data to Google and Facebook. Seems like a slick experience, hope lots of sites adopt this.
@p_a_chan Absolutely, profile information is not necessary to scale authentication. We don't need to own, and don't want to own your users identity!
Good job guys! Any plans for WordPress plugin soon?
@meshoo12 very soon!
@domm are there any updates about wordpress integration? Miss it a lot! =)
@dimitry_solovyev  You can download the plugin here:

A cool idea and I'll be experimenting to integrate it with one of my projects.


Makes login much easier


Docs, and no apparent way to customize the button (language etc)

Yes, we tighly control the button so users get a consisten experience. The button actually automatically loads in 18 languages already (based on viewers browser language) with plans to support a lot more in the future.
Is it not possible to change the look of it through CSS?