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September 20th, 2020

A better Twitter app?
The newly released iOS 14 brought some new features to iPhone and iPad users.

Most notably widgets. Yeah, we know Android users already have this, but it’s an exciting refresh and opportunity to personalize your home screen. We’ve seen you all getting creative on this already. You can even change your own icons (for better or worse, sorry icon designers!) 🎨

This weekend Aviary launched its modern iOS client for Twitter. It's simple enough to pick up and use immediately, with pretty cool features that let you tweak it just the way you want. Built for iOS 14, it has widgets, an ad-free feed and tweet filters.

The app is a one-time purchase ($4.99) and includes iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and (coming soon) Mac apps.

Here are some early impressions from the community:

“My favorite Twitter client, hands down. Congratulations on the big launch!” – Emmanuel Crouvisier

“I like! Reminds me of the Big Sur design 😉” – Michael Sieb

“I've been following this app development on @jpeguin1 twitter and it's visible that he does care about delivering a high quality product. It looks great :)” – Bunn

If you already installed iOS 14, here are some other apps that have widgets you can play with today:

Brief helps you understand the most important news in just a few minutes.

Soor is a premium music player app with full Apple music support.

Spark is a smart, fast, and free email client for iPhone with calendar features.

Streaks is a to-do list that helps you form and track good habits.

Weather Line is a visual weather forecast in a simple infographic.

Nudget positions itself as the budgeting app for the rest of us with speed and simplicity built-in.

Birch is a photo notes organizer for visual individuals.

Glimpse lets you add any webpage as an iOS 14 home screen widget.
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